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    [ATTACHMENT=3695]Goldtone cufflinks from Ellicott City 8.2012 001.JPG (153k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=3696]Goldtone cufflinks from Ellicott City 8.2012 002.JPG (149k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=3697]Goldtone cufflinks from Ellicott City 8.2012 003.JPG (149k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=3698]Goldtone cufflinks from Ellicott City 8.2012 006.JPG (148k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]

    Purchased these recently at antique shop in Ellicott City, MD. Can anyone tell me about these cufflinks? Familiarity with design? Can you link design on backs with any particular brand/designer? They're as lare as an inch in length. The "gold" is a good tone - looks like solid gold - but I assume they're not. There's this very slight, subtle lessing of the gold finish color in one section of one. Gold plated, gold-filled, or just gold tone?No marking of any kind. I think they're quite attractive. Thanks. :bigstar:

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