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Vintage Bolts of Material Pre-1980: Wool & Mohair. Buttons


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Sep 22, 2010
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Some of you may have seen an earlier thread (October) regarding the sale of vintage material. For those of you who didn't, here is the background... My grandfather was a tailor who had a shop in downtown Minneapolis for years. He closed the shop in the 1980's, at which time he 'retired', only meaning he continued to make suits and coats for his repeat customers! He continued as a tailor until he passed away 8 years ago. All the material and buttons I have listed here are from his business. He was an impeccable tailor and all his items were treated that way!

In October, approximately 60 bolts of material, buttons and threads were posted. There are still some of those bolts and buttons available. Please let me know if you are interested in those. Following, however, are the additional bolts many of you have been waiting for.

Please see below information about the material. Everything is referenced by the number which is attached to the material in the picture. All measurements are in yards.

I am sorry, I can not hold material. It is yours when I receive payment, so if there is something you are interested in, you will want to move quickly

68\t2 1/2\t100% wool\t$18.75
69\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
70\t5 \t100% wool\t$37.50
71\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
72\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
73\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
74\t 17/18\t100% wool\t$7.08
75\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
76\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
77\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
78\t3 3/8\t100% wool\t$25.28
79\t2 \t100% wool\t$15.00
80\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
81\t1 1/4\t100% wool\t$9.38
82\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
83\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
84\t1 1/4\t100% wool\t$9.38
85\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
86\t4 \t100% wool\t$30.00
87\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
88\t2 1/2\t100% wool\t$18.75
89\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
90\t 3/4\tMohair\t$5.63
91\t3 1/8\t100% wool\t$23.40
92\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
93\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
94\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
95\t2 1/8\t100% wool\t$15.90
96\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
97\t3 \t100% wool\t$22.50
98\t9 \t100% wool\t$67.50
99\t2 7/8\t100% wool\t$21.53
100\t3 3/4\t55% Polyester 45% Wool\t$28.13
101\t3 3/4\t55% Polyester 45% Wool\t$28.13
102\t4 \t55% Polyester 45% Wool\t$30.00
103\t3 1/2\t55% Mohair 45% Wool\t$26.25
104\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
105\t 2/3\t100% wool\t$4.95
106\t2 \t100% wool\t$15.00
107\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
108\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
109\t3 3/8\t100% wool\t$25.35
110\t2 \t100% wool\t$15.00
111\t2 1/4\t100% wool\t$16.88
112\t1 1/3\t100% wool\t$9.75
113\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
114\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
115\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
116\t2 5/8\t100% wool\t$19.69
117\t 7/8\t100% wool\t$6.53
118\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
119\t2 1/4\t100% wool\t$16.88
120\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
121\t2 2/3\t100% wool\t$19.95
122\t2 1/4\t100% wool\t$16.88
123\t5 5/8\t100% wool\t$42.19
124\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
125\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
126\t2 1/4\t100% wool\t$16.88
127\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
128\t1 1/6\t100% wool\t$8.78
129\t1 1/6\t100% wool\t$8.78
130\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
131\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
132\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
133\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
134\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
135\t1 7/8\t100% wool\t$14.06
136\t2 2/3\t100% wool\t$19.95
137\t2 1/8\t100% wool\t$15.94
138\t6 3/4\t100% wool\t$50.63
139\t1 1/8\t100% wool\t$8.44
140\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
141\t2 1/4\t100% wool\t$16.88
142\t 7/8\t100% wool\t$6.56
143\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
144\t1 1/6\t100% wool\t$8.78
145\t1 1/3\t100% wool\t$9.98
146\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
147\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
148\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
149\t1 1/3\t100% wool\t$9.98
150\t 7/8\t100% wool\t$6.56
151\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
152\t1 1/3\t100% wool\t$9.98
153\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
154\t2 \t100% wool\t$15.00
155\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
156\t5 1/2\t100% wool\t$41.25
157\t4 \t100% wool\t$30.00
158\t3 5/8\t100% wool\t$27.19
159\t3 5/8\t100% wool\t$27.19
160\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
161\t3 5/8\t100% wool\t$27.15
162\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
163\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
164\t1 3/8\t100% wool\t$10.31
165\t3 1/3\t100% wool\t$24.98
166\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
167\t1 1/3\t100% wool\t$9.98
168\t3 3/4\t55% Polyester 45% Wool\t$28.13
169\t3 5/8\t100% wool\t$27.15
170\t4 \t100% wool\t$30.00
171\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
172\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
173\t6 3/4\t100% wool\t$50.63
174\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
175\t7 \t100% wool\t$52.50
176\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
177\t7 \t100% wool\t$52.50
178\t1 1/2\t100% wool\t$11.25
179\t4 2/3\t100% wool\t$34.95
180\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
181\t3 1/3\t100% wool\t$24.98
182\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
183\t4 1/2\t100% wool\t$33.75
184\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
185\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
186\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
187\t 7/8\t100% wool\t$6.56
188\t3 \t100% wool\t$22.50
189\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
190\t2 1/3\t100% wool\t$17.48
191\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
192\t 1/2\t100% wool\t$3.75
193\t 7/8\t100% wool\t$6.53
194\t2 1/2\t100% wool\t$18.75
195\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
196\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
197\t3 1/2\t100% wool\t$26.25
198\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
199\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
200\t3 3/4\t100% wool\t$28.13
201\t1 \t100% wool\t$7.50
202\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
203\t3 1/2\t55% Polyester 45% Wool\t$26.25
204\t1 3/8\t100% wool\t$10.28
205\t1 1/4\t100% wool\t$9.38
206\t2 2/3\t100% wool\t$19.95
207\t6 3/4\t100% wool\t$50.63
208\t6 3/4\t100% wool\t$50.63
209\t3 1/8\t100% wool\t$23.44
210\t1 2/3\t100% wool\t$12.45
211\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
212\t 3/4\t100% wool\t$5.63
213\t3 \tLining Mat'l\t$15.00
214\t4 \tLining Mat'l\t$20.00
215\t2 1/3\tLining Mat'l\t$11.65
216\t4 2/3\tLining Mat'l\t$23.30



Distinguished Member
Sep 1, 2010
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Looks like there's some nice stuff in there. Nonetheless, I'd like some bigger pictures before I decide to pull the trigger.


Senior Member
May 21, 2009
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Also, would it be possible to have the option to zoom in even more on the pictures? This is very interesting, but even when clicking on the pictures, it is hard to see the details in color and pattern.


Distinguished Member
Mar 22, 2008
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pm on 68, 108, 109, and 110


Active Member
Sep 22, 2010
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Thank you all for your messages! Again, it has been so fun for me to go through my grandfather's things and am so happy so many of the fabrics have found good homes! Can't wait to see the finished products from those of you who have purchased!

Just a reminder, when you send a private message, please reference the number of the fabric.

Thank you!


Stylish Dinosaur
Aug 4, 2006
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Just received 123 and 175 and to my pleasent suprise 175 is not a brown wool, it's a slubby brown silk from Italy. Exactly the fabric I've wanted for years. Now I just need a tailor


Stylish Dinosaur
Jul 15, 2009
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Originally Posted by tailorsgranddaughter
So glad you got the package and like the material! Can't wait to see what you do with it! -Kelly
WRONG SUB-FORUM. Why isn't this in B&S yet? http://www.styleforum.net/announcement.php?f=5&a=25
It has come to my attention that there have been a number of commercial threads being started outside of the Buying and Selling subfora, both by private posters and by retailers/designers. These are not allowed except by special permission, and then only to premium affiliates.

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