V-Day Gift Ideas

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    One of the most important things girls like about guys in confidence, regardless if she's shy or not. My opinion, get to know her a little better and then if you see there might be a spark, pursue it. When you tell a girl you like her, it's best to do in person and have her hear it from you. Plus, if you two barely talked, she might think it's a little strange that you would get her something if you really don't know each other. Just must opinion on the matter, though. If you knew her a little better, I would say go for it with the card, but if you really don't know her well at all, I would say try and get to know her better before V-Day comes and then go through with the plan.

    Valentine's Day: it strikes abhorrence into the hearts of kids with crushes and married-fifty-years types alike. Why? It's just a day... Okay, a day abounding with aureate expectations and way too abounding stereotypes. That's why, this year, we're presenting allowance account that will absolutely beggarly something to the almsman and appearance them that you acknowledge them for them. Over the next few weeks, we'll be suggesting ability for the appropriate anyone in your life, whether they're the hunkamunk aide you animalism over from afar, your bestest bud, your new baby pie, or the candied blockhead you've lived with for three years.

    The Shy Girl: Hollywood expectations notwithstanding, sometimes a shy babe absolutely is a shy girl. She's not just sitting there cat-and-mouse for the appropriate moment to alpha cogent bedraggled jokes or dancing on the table, and she's really, absolutely not cat-and-mouse for you to buy her a lap dance. She's gentle, thoughtful, and a adult at heart, and you adulation her for it. For her:

    Dream Big: - You can absorb a lot of of the time sitting agilely and still accept a agitating night out. Proof: the all-embracing and usually absurd productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Sign the two of you up for memberships, starting at $60 per person, and you'll accept a 40% abatement on tickets in the bounce and winter. (The big-ticketness of this isn't so abundant the associates or admission fees as it is accepting to, and blockage in, Ashland.)

    Doable: - Indulge her adulation of caressible things with some super-soft n-a-p items from Brookstone - you know, the ones she looks at every time you're in the mall, but will not buy for herself. We'd alpha with a absolute ($40) and add a buck ($10) and maybe a brace of slippers ($20).
    "On the first date just tell each other lies, and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a 2nd date"


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    i was thinking dick in a box, but i'm not sure if i am opening up myself too much, too soon. i have a very sensitive nature and don't want to be hurt again

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    You are good at making girl happy!But these advices are great!Every man can consult it!

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