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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by atoms, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. atoms

    atoms Senior member

    Oct 5, 2012
    I'm fed up with them and seeking assistance. I've avoided them as much as possible for most of my adult life (I'm in my middle thirties). I am 5"10', 160 lbs, with very narrow shoulders, very small chest, and 32" waist. Imagine a skinny man with little muscle mass and a small belly, that's me.

    I avoid undershirts because they always feel uncomfortable when tucked in along with my shirt. My main issues seem to be:
    • Undershirt not long enough (I want them to tuck in deeper).
    • Undershirt too loose in sleeve area or chest area (folds become visible).
    • Material too thick (This bugs me at the waist as it untucks over time and starts bunching up).
    • Cheaply made (e.g. the neck area stretches out)

    What affordable undershirts or features should I be looking at? I've tried a lot of brands over the years but none have been right yet. For comparison; the latest shirt I've tried are those pima shirts with 4% spandex at Banana Republic in size medium. They are loose fitting, and not long enough, but they are nice otherwise. Many shirts have the fit I need in a size small but then the length is a huge issue.

    Thank you for your suggestions or tips.
  2. mudderfudder77

    mudderfudder77 Member

    Oct 3, 2012
    You need to find slim fit 'Mediums' in tall sizes. Banana Republic sells Medium-Talls. They'll be plenty long enough for you to tuck in.

    Failing that - look to buy 'compression shirts'. They'll fit snug and are unlikely to come untucked.

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