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Undershirt Questions


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Dec 18, 2010
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I use to only wear tank tops only under a button down. Yea, that sounds real bad. Well i have bought some banana republic t shirts and v neck t shirts because those are undershirts. I always hear people say you should always wear undershirt. Here are my questions that i am confused on undershirts. Also, is a tank top considered an undershirt?

1. Are you always suppose to wear an undershirt when you wear a button down? The thing that confuses me is this. If i wear an undershirt that is crew neck t shirt under a button down shirt, it looks very funny and sloppy because you can clearly see it even when i button my shirt. However, when i wear the v neck t shirt, it is great because you cannot see the undershirt. Is the v-neck t shirt the best undershirt for wearing under button downs? Would it ever be fine to not wear an undershirt and just wear the button down shirt tucked in or is that horrible? Because it seems to me most guys even the ones who model wearing a button down shirt, it doesn't look like they are wearing anything underneath or am i wrong here? Or are they wearing V-neck t shirt as undershirts?

2. When people go out, you always see people who go and wear jeans and those shirts like Armani Exchange button downs but they don't tuck in those shirts. The majority of those people, you can clearly see the guy is just wearing the A/X button down shirt and no undershirt underneath because the top button is not buttoned. That is the proper way to wear a tight button down shirt right? If you wear an undershirt, even a v-neck t shirt, you can see it and it doesn't look any appealing. Basically what i'm asking is those guys who go to clubs and wear a button down shirt and don't tuck it in... i don' t think those shirts are meant to be tuck correct?

Thanks all.


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Aug 10, 2006
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I wear undershirts under all shirts in winter and under no shirts in summer. When I do not wear a tie, I make sure to use an undershirt that will not be seen when I leave the top button(s) unbuttoned. I have both "tank tops" and short sleeve undershirts.
Normally, I tuck my shirts in. For me that is the right way to wear most shirts, also BD. However, I have a few "short" shirts that I wear untucked, mainly summer shirts.

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