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Typical fitting question (a Brioni)


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Apr 9, 2012
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I'm about 5'8, maybe 5'9. About 155lbs. Average lean build.

Appreciate anyone who can take a look at this. Attached are some photos of me wearing a Brioni (40R, fits liek a 38R) that I recently got. Having a really tough time deciding on if this thing is my fit or not. In the photos I clipped the jacket length with pins (probably a bit TOO short for this jacket).

My tailor said it will look super awkward if we do this kinda tailoring (and pull in the waist a bit). But I'm not so sure I agree. At the height I pinned the jacket, it would leave about 8-8.5 inches between the bottom button and the bottom of the jacket. Same with the pockets. From there, I don't think tailoring in the waist slightly would be that atrocious.

I get that the look for Brioni is this way, but this particular one I picked up used looks like it may have been tailored from a 40 already to fit a 38. But I think it can stand some more. Kinda like the bagginess. It's a Palatino 22.

So, is it too baggy to alter from? Should I just hold out for a great deal on a 38 and tailor that? My first thoughts were that this was an oddball 40R, and mislabeled as such. Below are dimensions and photos. (sorry about making people riff off of horrible photos)

Shoulders -17.5"

Chest - 20.5"

Back (boc):30.5"
[this makes the least sense to me, it runs much longer from other jackets I have that are 30" boc. I'm guessing it's the Brioni cut that makes it drape longer]

sleeve - 24.5"

double vents

pants 32"


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