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Trying to date/price Yohji Yamamoto (Y's for Men) Trench Coat


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Apr 19, 2012
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Hi, I recently bought a Yohji Yamamoto (Y's for Men) trench coat in a thrift shop. I like the coat, but I think it is too big for me, so I'm thinking of selling it. Hence, I am trying to work out roughly how old it is, how much it might have cost new, and roughly how much it would be worth now. The coat is olive green, 100% cotton. The cotton, unlike the finer, smooth cotton you find on the traditional Burberry type trench coat, is heavier and rougher (possibly a cotton drill), which, together with the olive green color, gives the coat a slightly "distressed" military look. The coat is belted, and has straps around the wrists, as well as one at the neck. It also has epaulets. There are also some interesting details. Although the coat doesn't have full lining, there is a kind of semi-lining (in the same fabric). For instance, the shoulder flap found on trench coats, is inside the coat, rather than outside (in other words, there is an extra layer of material over the shoulders and upper back, inside the coat.) Similarly at the front of the coat, there is an extra layer of material, which contains the internal pockets. Only lower back of the coat has a single layer of fabric. The size is 4, and since someone on this forum mentioned that Yamamoto started using the numerical sizing system post-2000 that means the coat can't be older than 2000. From the condition of the item, I would say much more recent. It is in near perfect condition. In other words, everything is perfect, with the possible exception of some minor wear or fading of the fabric. However, because of the nature of the cotton, and the fact that it was probably initially treated to make it look rougher, it is difficult to tell what is "wear", and what is intentional. It seems that the Y's line has now been discontinued and integrated back into the main Yohji Yamamoto line, so I don't know if this adds anything to the value of the coat. Is there any way I can narrow down which year this coat might be from, and how much it might be worth? Any ideas?
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Apr 9, 2012
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There is a Yohji Yamamoto thread in the Streetwear and Denim section of the forum, you are definitely going to get more help over there. Find it here.

And wow, finding a piece by Yohji Yamamoto in a thrift shop is insane, would love to find something like that myself!

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