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TRAD JACKET SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA! c. 44-48. Some NWT--all with provenance! J. Press, Brooks, Golde Fl

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May 18, 2009
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Were I working for one of the more august British or New England auction houses I would describe this selection of jackets as being

"The Property of a Gentleman"

All of these jackets are in size 44, 46 (and one 48), and all are in absolutely excellent condition unless otherwise noted. They all come with full provenance, and in some cases are unworn, and come with tags attached.

Please note that all of these jackets are currently stored in a cedar closet on appropriately-sized Setwell hangers.


Also as always, ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING IN CONUS: International inquiries are very welcome, with shipping at cost. Insurance is included in shipping cost for all orders over $100.

Please PM with interest and offers!

1) BEAUTIFUL Brooks Brothers 3/2 sack Madras jacket. WORN ONCE!


This jacket was purchased new very, very recently by its original owner, and was worn very carefully only once. As such, it is in pristine condition.

And it's a beautiful jacket. Cut as a classic 3/2 sack, half-canvassed and quarter lined, its Madras patterning is simply wonderful--muted sepia tones of blue, cream, and rose pink, this is incredibly versatile, and will receive far more wear than the more colourful Madras jackets. The lining is a perfectly matched cream. Plus, if you want "Mad Men" credentials by hearkening back to the preppy Golden Era, a jacket very similar to this (perhaps even this type of jacket!) was worn by Jeffrey Graves in Season 3.

This jacket has three button cuffs, flap pockets, and a single center vent. As noted, it has been worn once carefully from new, and so is in pristine condition. It is 100% cotton.

Asking just $135, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or offer.

Tagged a 46R, this measures:

Chest: 23 3/4
Sleeve: 26 1/8 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 19 1/2
Length: 31 3/4

2) NWT Land's End red-and-white pincord. UNWORN.

Purchased new, the original owner never even removed the tags from this jacket--so this is genuinely New With Tags. 100% cotton, this lovely jacket is in pincord striping of red and white, which presents as a lovely salmon pink from a distance. It is half-lined in a complementary cream, and is very unstructured, as you'd want from a summer jacket in this weight. The jacket is, of course, in excellent condition, is 100% cotton, and is subtly darted with a three-button front--while not cut as a 3/2 jacket, the top button does have the start of a subtle roll which makes this look like a 1960s high-roll 3/2.5. This has a centre vent.

Asking just $65, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 44R, this measures:

Chest: 22 1/2
Sleeve: 26 3/8 (+1 1/4)
Shoulder: 19 1/4
Length: 32

3) GORGEOUS J. Press guncheck 3/2 sack.


This is absolutely beautiful, and if there was any hope it could be tailored to a 39L it wouldn't be here, as I'd have claimed it! Made for J. Press as a classic 3/2 sack, this is fully lined and half-canvassed. It is cut from lighter-medium-weight cloth, and so would be suitable for three season wear, with the omitted season being (a cold) winter. The colourway of this guncheck is absolutely gorgeous, with a base check of moss and chestnut bark, and a wonderful overcheck of autumnal bracken and russet. This is a really, really beautiful jacket! It features three button cuffs and a single hook vent. It is in absolutely excellent condition, with the exception of a very small and faint mark on the front right pocket, as shown. I didn't spot this until I was examining it to post its description here--hence the rather odd pictures!--which shows how inconspicuous this mark is. But, it is there, and so for this reason and this reason only this is in Very Good/Excellent condition. It was, of course, made in the USA.

Asking just $75, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 44R, but please see measurements:

Chest: 22 3/4
Sleeve: 26 (+2)
Shoulder: 19
Length: 31 1/16

4) J. Press "Pressidential" 3/2 sack--SUPERB condition.

This is simply stunning!

Half-canvassed and fully lined, this jacket is from J. Press' "Pressidential" line, and as such it cost betweeen $795 and $950 when new... which was not very long ago at all. It absolutely superb condition, this is a classic 3/2 sack with a lovely lapel roll. It also features four button cuffs, and a single center hook vent. The colourway of this jacket is simply wonderful, as it is patterning--a lovely and versatile smaller glen plaid check. My pictures really don't do this gorgeous jacket justice! (Please do see the close-ups, though, to get some idea of its beauty.) This is in superb condition.

Asking $95, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 44R, but please see measurements:

Chest: 23 1/4
Sleeve: 25 1/4 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 19 3/8
Length: 31 1/2



This is absolutely stunning! First, this blazer was Hand Tailored in the USA as part of Brooks Brothers' flagship Golden Fleece line--and the tailoring is impeccable. The quality of the tailoring is matched by the quality of the fabric--a superb Super 130's wool from Loro Piana, in a wonderful classic dark navy. The cut of the jacket matches the beauty of its tailoring and fabric, being a classic 3/2 sack with two PATCH POCKETS at front and a single centre hook vent. It is fully lined and half-canvassed. This jacket is in superb condition; the front breast pocket is still basted shut, and the original owner had not got around to adding the standard enamel Golden Fleece buttons to it, so you can surmise form this how often it was worn. The complete set of original buttons are included with this jacket, and can be attached by the new owner, possibly after tailoring so that it fits to perfection.

I dread to think how much this precious beauty cost originally, but how about just $135, boxed, shipped and insured, or lower offer? You won't find a blazer of this quality at this price anywhere else!

Tagged a 46R, and measures:

Chest: 23 1/4
Sleeve: 25 1/8 (+2)
Shoulder: 20 1/8
Length: 31 5/8

6) NWT Patchwork Madras jacket by Jos. A. Bank

This is a beautiful jacket! Ignore the fact that this is from JAB--it is, after all, from their Signature Collection and so is decently made, being half-canvassed and fully lined. It also has a single centre vent. This was made in India--as you'd want for a Madras jacket--and is absolutely lovely! It is also New With ALL Tags attached, and so is in pristine condition.

It originally cost $250, so how about $95, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS?

Tagged a 46R, this measures:

Chest: 23 7/8
Sleeve: 26 (+2)
Shoulder: 20 1/2
Length: 32 1/4

7) STUNNING Southwick 3/2 sack with perfect blue overcheck!

The originalowner of this inckluded a note in the pocket noting "Is this stunning or what?", and I have to agree--it is. Cut from a beautiful, buttery-soft cloth, the colourway is wonderful, and absolutely perfect for Spring, Summer, and early Autumn--a base of golden-oat herringbone, with a perfect periwinkle and pale blue overcheck, this really has to be seen in person to be appreciated. It is, of course, a classic 3/2 sack with a beautiful, soft lapel roll. It's fully lined, and half-canvassed, and features a single center vent. It was Made in the USA, and is in absolutely excellent condition.

Asking just $85, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 44R, this measures:

Chest: 23 1/4
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+2 1/2)
Shoulder: 19 9/16
Length: 31 1/2

8) WORN JUST ONCE! BEAUTIFUL Brooks Bros. 3/2 sack in Loro Piana Camelhair.

This is absolutely beautiful, was purchased at full price last year by its original owner, and worn just ONCE, very carefully--and so it is in pristine condition. (It comes complete with its original spare buttons, in their original package.)

Cut from wonderfully luxurious Loro Piana camelhair, this beautiful jacket is a classic 3/2 sack with PATCH POCKETS, three button cuffs (featuring football buttons), and a single centre vent that culminates a lovely lapped centre seam. It's Brooks "Madison" model. This jacket is also fully lined, and appears to be fully canvassed. It is, of course, in absolutely superb condition, being basically new and unworn.

It's gorgeous, and an absolute steal at just $145, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 46R, this measures:

Chest: 23 3/4
Sleeve: 25 1/4 (+2 1/4)
Shoulder: 19 1/2
Length: 31 1/4



This post wouldn't be complete without at least one grail... and this is it!

A stunning, stunning 3/2 sack blazer in classic heavier mid-weight cloth, with the ever-desirable and incredibly rare THREE PATCH POCKETS, with the breast pocket being the classic U-shape that's only really perfected by Brooks. This blazer also features a lovely lapel roll, classic two-button cuffs, a single centre vent. It is half-canvassed and half-lined. The buttons are lovely--antiqued, and featuring the traditional "dead sheep" logo of Brooks'. Please note that one of the cuff buttons of this jacket has detached, but this is included, together with the original set of spares. This jacket also comes with its original Brooks Brothers blazer patch, and all of the original tags, although these are not attached. It does have two minor flaws: Two small marks, one on the lapel and one on the front closure seam--I only just noticed these when listing it, so they're faint, and likely will come out with dry cleaning. But because of these this jacket is in Very Good/Excellent condition. It was Made in the USA.

This was $498 retail, so how about $85, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or offer?

Tagged a 45R, this measures:

Chest: 23 3/4
Sleeve: 25 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 20
Length: 31

10) CLASSIC J. Press 3/2 sack blazer!


A trad. classic! This is a wonderful 3/2 sack blazer from J. Press' "Presstige" line. Made in Canada, this is half-canvassed and fully lined. It comes complete with its original set of spare buttons. This features a single centre vent and three button cuffs. It does have some minor flaws from wear; there is some minor fading to the back of the collar at the top, and a minor mark on the back--both of these are very minor and I couldn't capture them on camera. It also has a mark on the lapel, which is faint and might likely come off with dry cleaning, and a minor rip to the lining by one of the interior pockets. Given these issues this is still a very good, serviceable blazer from Press, which is in Good/Very Good condition.

Asking $40, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 46R, this measures:

Chest: 24
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+2 1/4)
Shoulder: 20 1/4
Length: 30 3/4



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