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TRAD/IVY OUTERWEAR MEGATHREAD! Cashmere Overcoats, Tweed Overcoats, Classic Topcoats, Down Jackets &

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May 18, 2009
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I have a lot of classic outerwear to pass on today, including some gorgeous cashmere overcoats, a Loden-Frey Utility Jacket, Classic Topcoats, a GRAIL Irish Tweed Overcoat, as well as some classic American denim, including a Levis Trucker Jacket and a denim LL Bean Field jacket!

As always, I OFFER FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN THE CONUS; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.


Please PM with interest and offers!

1) Grey Cashmere Overcoat


This is lovely! Cut from Italian cashmere cloth from the time when cashmere was a lovely luxurious fabric and not the thin stuff that's so common today this coat is half-canvassed and fully lined. It features a single hook vent, two button cuffs, and a three button front. It also features pick stitching on the pocket flaps. Although the Union tag is currently missing, this is clearly made in the USA.

It does have some minor issues. First, there are some small moth nibbles on the front and sleeve, as well as one on the lapel, as shown; these, though, are minor and hard to spot. This is also a vintage piece that has been stored for some time, and so it will need to be dry cleaned to freshen it up. As such, this coat is in overall Very Good condition, and so is a bargain at

just $45, or offer.


Chest: 24 1/2
Sleeve: 26 1/2 (+1/2)
SHoulder: 19 3/4
Length: 43 1/2

2) GORGEOUS Black Cashmere Overcoat from Browning, King & Co.

This is wonderful! Made by Browning, King & Co., this is a classic and beautiful Ivy League coat--and well deserving of the name, for two reasons. First, before their bankruptcy in 1934 Browning, King, & Co (founded in 1822, and responsible for outfitting many prospectors in the '49 Goldrush, and then soldiers in the Civil War) was according to Time magazine of May 21, 1934 the company that "To Harvard, Yale and Princeton men, Browning, King & Co. means college clothes...". As if this wasn't enough, judging by the Union label (1949 version, no (R) marking) made between 1949 and 1961 -- right in the middle of the Golden Era of Ivy Style. And, finally, Browning, King, & Co deliberately advertised their clothing as the 'Ivy League" look, and prominently featured "Naturalaire" shoulders.

So, if you want a genuine, Golden Age, Ivy League cashmere overcoat, this is your chance! And remember--these literally are not made anymore, and never could be.

And this coat fully lives up to its illustrious provenance. Half-canvassed and fully lined, this coat is cut from seriously thick, luxurious cashmere, as befits an Ivy league coat that would likely be bought on graduation for one's first job on Wall Street or in a white shoe law firm. It features flapped, patch pockets, and turn-back cuffs with single button adornments. It is also cut similarly to a 3/2 sack, with the top front button being functional, but curling over when undone. There is no darting. This coat also features lapped seams throughout, along the centre back, the sleeves, and down the sides. It has very natural shoulders--as you'd expect from the originators of the TNSIL style!

This coat does have one minor blemish--a small moth nibble on the back of the right sleeve near the shoulder. This is hard to see, even if you know where it is, and so could either be ignored, or rewoven. As such, and given that this is a vintage piece--and so could use a dry clean to freshen it--I would very conservatively rank this as being in Very Good condition.

Asking a very modest $95, for what could easily be considered a Grail piece!


Chest: 24
Sleeve: 25 1/2
Shoulder: 18
Length: 41

3) CLASSIC 1960's Topcoat with terrific lining--Tailored in California!

This coat is wonderful! Dating from between 1962 and 1968 (going by the Union tag, which is the 1949 variant with red letters and the (R) marking) , this coat is a classic 1960s topcoat. It features lovely narrow lapels, thin turn-back cuffs, and is cut similarly to a 3/2 sack, with a functional three button front where the top button curves back when not in use. This coat features pick stitching on the lapels, and has a single centre vent. It is half-canvassed, and fully lined in a wonderful 1960s red satin-stripe lining! This was Made in the USA--more precisely, it was Tailored in California! Apart from some loose stitching at the vent in the lining, this is in excellent condition--although as with all vintage piece I recommend that it receive a dry clean prior to wear.

Asking just $60, or offer.

Tagged a 42R, this measures:

Chest: 23
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+2
Shoulder: 19 1/2
Length: 39 1/2

4) Dewmoor Topcoat for Boyd's of Philadelphia

Unlike most classic Ivy clothiers, Boyd's on Philadelphia is still going, and this coat is a testament to why it's successful. Cut from a lovely heavier mid-weight cloth in miniature reverse-herringbone weave in a shade of black, this coat is half-canvassed and fully lined. It features a three button front, two button cuffs, and a sack cut. It also has a single centre vent. It features an interior side pocket. As with all older pieces it could use a dry clean just to freshen it up, but otherwise it's in excellent condition.

Asking just $50, or offer.


Chest: 24 1/2
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+2)
Shoulder: 18 3/4
Length: 41

5) FOR HER! Woolrich Peacoat-style coat. Size Woman's Medium.

Tired of receiving those looks when yet another parcel arrives for you? Well, now your chance to hand one over, and say, "Actually, this one's for you..."

This is a lovely peacoat-style woman's coat from Woolrich. Unlike most Woolrich offerings, this was Made in the USA. It features two deep front handwarmer pockets, storm cuffs, and is unvented. It is all wool, and features a warm quilted lining. This coat does have some wear to the front buttonholes, which could readily be rectified, and so is in Very Good condition.

Asking just $39, or offer.

Tagged M. Measurements:

Bust: 22
Sleeve: 23 1/2
SHoulder: 18 1/2
Length: 34 1/2

6) Loden-Frey Utility Jacket--for the smaller Trad!

This is a terrific casual jacket--the sort of thing that Filson and others are now marketing as "Heritage" workwear, except that this is authentic!

Made by Loden-Frey, one of the top names in classic Austrian lodenwear, this lovely jacket is simply packet with details. Cut from woolen cloth, as you'd expect, it features two flapped breast button-down pockets and two vertical handwarmer pockets in front. It has a five button front, and functional single button cuffs; all of the buttons are leather-covered and metal shanked, as they should be. This jacket is double top-stitched at all of its seams for durability, and features either a dark suede or alcantra cape section over the shoulders. It has a zippered internal security pocket and is fully lined.

Apart from the interior label needing to be reattached at the top, this lovely Utility Jacket is in excellent condition.

Asking just $50, or offer.


Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 23 1/2
Shoulder: 18 1/2
Length: 27 1/2

7) Triple Goose Down Jacket--80% duck feathers, 20% other waterfowl.

A very warm and lightweight jacket, this is filled with waterfowl feathers, 80% of which are duck, 20% other waterfowl. (Penguins, for example.) This features velcro fasteners on the cuffs for a tight and draught-free fit, and a small chest pocket with a zipper closure. Excellent for when you want warmth without weight!

Asking just $29, or offer.

Size L. Measurements:

Chest: 24
Sleeve: c. 37 (measured like a shirt)
Shoulder: 24 (slopes into the sleeve)
Length: 26 3/4

8) Down Filled Vest by Chess King.

This is lovely! The zipper works smoothly, this is very warm and very lightweight, and it features two front handwarmer pockets. Very Good/Excellent condition.

Asking just $22

Size M; measurements:

Chest: 21 1/2
Length: 24 1/2

9) North Face Down Filled Vest. Made in the USA.

This features two snap-shut breast pockets, and handwarmer pockets. very warm and lightweight. It does have some paint markings, as shown, and so is in Good condition only.

As such, asking just $20, or offer.

Size XL; measurements:

Chest: 24 1/2
Length: 26 3/4

10) Classic Ivy Overcoat in herringbone tweed
This is absolutely lovely! Cut from heavyweight tweed in a classic grey herringbone, this coat is half-canvassed and fully lined. It features two deep, flapped, front pockets, three button cuffs, and a single centre vent. Styled in Great Britain, this will last for decades with proper care. It's in excellent condition.

Asking just $45, or offer.


Chest: 22 1/2
Sleeve: 28 (+1)
Shoulder: 19
Length: 47 3/4

11) GRAIL!! Absolutely STUNNING double breasted Irish tweed topcoat with "fur" collar and lining!


THIS IS GORGEOUS! I don't use the term "Grail" lightly, but this beauty deserves the name if anything does. First, its pedigree: This coat was originally sold by Joseph Keefe, The Sports Center of Haverford, PA--an utterly Ivy store that catered primarily to the families of the boys attending Haverford prep. school. And it's clear why they carried this coat=--from the classic, thick Irish herringbone tweed that it's cut from, to the beautiful, flowing cut of the coat, to the "fur" lining and 1920's style collar, this coat is simply perfect for lounging by your Stutz-Bearcat in '28, the Harvard-Yale game in '84, or for your son's lacrosse game in 2013. This really is an absolute Ivy classic, comparable to Brooks' Polo coat or Chesterfield--of which I will be listing examples tomorrow! :)

This coat is cut from thick irish tweed, which was mothproofed in 1972, by Simon's & Sons. The collar and lining appear not to be real fur (thank goodness!), but are nonetheless warm and cosy with none of the "plastic" feel that current synthetics have. (The synthetics places like Press, Langrock, and Brooks used when they first appeared in the 1960s were nothing like those available today--Langrock used to boast that its Dacron couldn't be distinguished from silk, and they weren't lying.) The coat is perfectly cut, with all the details you'd expect--deep flapped pockets--including a flap on the breast pocket!--two button cuffs (of course!) and a single centre vent. It appears to be fully canvassed, and is, of course, fully lined. There's even a buttonhole for your boutonniere in the collar!

This is a heavy coat, for cold days, and is absolutely perfect for long walks in the woods, long city walks in Boston, or walking the beach in winter with the lab. in Maine.

This coat is a vintage piece, but utterly wearable and robust--it's last for decades with reasonable care. It does have some flaws; then buttonholes need attention, but nothing urgent, and it's missing a front button, which could be easily replaced--especially as this is double-breasted. As such, this is conservatively in Very Good condition.

As such, this beauty is a steal at just $95--and it wouldn't be here if it was anywhere near my size!


Chest: 24 1/2
Sleeve: 28 (+2)
Shoulder: 20
Length: 44 3/4

12) MADE IN THE USA LOVELY and SUBSTANTIAL tweed overcoat!

Thick, sturdy, warm, and substantial, this is a tweed overcoat as they were meant to be! Fully lined, and with a single centre vent, this has two button cuffs, is cut from a classic and masculine nailhead tweed, and will be sure to keep you warm on the coldest of nights! This was distributed by Harry Rothman of Fifth Avenue, and was Union Made in the USA!

This is in excellent condition.

Asking just $40, or offer.


Chest: 24 1/4
Sleeve: 28 1/2 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 19
Length: 47 1/2

13) c. 44, 46 MADE IN ENGLAND Classic 1960s Brooks Brothers WOOL GABARDINE Balmacaan raincoat!

This is wonderful! A classic 1960s balmacaan raincoat from Brooks Brothers, this is cut from the quintessential Ivy League Golden-Era fabric, wool gabardine! This coat was Made in England, and dates from the time when Brooks was using the block white letters on its labels. It features a concealed placket, lapped seams on the shoulders, flanks, raglan sleeves, and down the centre back, and a single centre hook vent. It is fully lined.

It does have some minor repairable issues. The lining needs some re-stitching at the shoulders, it could use a dry clean to freshen it up, and it's missing two front buttons; I'll include a set of non-original replacements for these, though. There is also some minor spotting on the front, which I only just noticed--so this is very hard to see! As such, this is in Good condition, and with soem minor TLC will give you good service for decades to come!

Asking just $20, or offer.


Chest: 26
Sleeve: c. 37 1/2
Shoulders: NA
Length: 43 1/2

14) Hart, Schaffner, Marx Shadow Plaid Topcoat

This is a lovely coat! Although there is no fabric content listed, this is clearly wool, and possibly gabardine, judging by the feel of it. It's certainly a lovely pattern and colourway, being a beautiful and versatile shadowplaid in dark warm browns and blacks. This appears to be fully canvassed, and was certainly Union Made in the USA. It is fully lined, and features two deep front pockets. It has raglan sleeves for ease of movement. It does have one small flaw, a small snag on the top right quarter near the shoulder, and so this is in Very Good condition.

As such, I'm asking just $25, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.


Chest: 23
Sleeve: c. 36
Shoulder: NA
Length: 41

15) CLASSIC LL Bean Field/Barn Coat in denim!

This is the one that you want! I believe that this version of the Field Coat is no longer made--and I'm certain that they're no longer Made in the USA, like this one.

This has all of the features that has made this jacket an enduring Trad classic. Cut from hard-wearing cotton denim, this has two deep handwarmer pockets on each side, the bottoms of which serve as the covering flaps to the two deep patch pockets underneath. The chest pocket is zipped. The turn-back cuffs are lined in green corduroy, which matches the cord of the collar. The buttons are large and designed to be easy to do up. The underarms are reinforced, all seams are lapped and double-stitched, and the back is bi-swing for ease of movement.

This jacket takes a button-in liner, which is not included.

These jackets are becoming increasingly hard to find, so if his is your size, grab it! It's in excellent condition.

Asking just $25, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or offer.

Tagged a M-Reg, this measures:

Chest: 23 1/2
Sleeve: 25 3/4
Shoulder: 21
Length: 30 1/2

16) A2-type Blouson Parka

For when you need warmth without weight, this would be perfect! It features two slash handwarmer pockets on the front, a zipped security pocket on the arm, and storm cuffs. Possibly down-filled?

Asking $16, or offer.


Chest: 27 (large owing to bulk)
Sleeve: c. 36 (measured like a shirt)
Length: 25.5

17) Tagged 46R Levis Trucker Jacket

Tagged a 46R, this was Made in Canada. Excellent condition.

Asking just $16


Chest: 23
Sleeve: 24 1/2
Shoulder: 19 3/4
Length: 22 1/2



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