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    Liverano is an Italian bespoke brand which has a distinctive shoulder treatment and an excellent reputation. With a growing clientele through their burgeoning relationship with The Armoury, they’re a great entry level bespoke brand (even if their prices might suggest otherwise).
    Russell Moccasin

    When you think traditional American-made hunting shoes, you should think Russell. With a commitment to quality and tradition, and a willingness to use exotic materials, they’re a Japanese favorite that’s key to any great workwear getup.

    Black Dress Shirts

    Do you wear black dress shirts? Are they ever appropriate? This thread broaches a hotly debated, and very controversial (as far as clothing choice can be controversial) topic.
    B&S Finds

    Inverallan White Zip Cardigan, 40


    Ralph Lauren Sanderson, 8.5


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