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Toronto Newbie looking for info on buying a couple suits and shirts, and maybe shoes too

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by larchamb, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. larchamb

    larchamb New Member

    Dec 2, 2015
    Hi, first post here, I from Toronto's west end. I have read through a few threads so I have some idea of the available options, but I am also still in school as a mature student working towards my CPA - so my budget isn't quite up to where what's discussed is what I can opt for right now.
    My current habits are to pick up an item or two on sale after Christmas and then grab something new for the summer, but in recent years (I am now 31) I find I am looking for a more refined look and appreciating quality more. I have maybe 3 suits from tiptops (CK and Talia) and a couple dress shirts which I have had adjusted to fit me as best as possible, and one canali suit which was for a wedding which I got from Harry Rosen's. I have a couple jeans, slacks, dress shirts, and Robert graham items I highly enjoy from harrys as well. I know harry's has considerable markup, but the service I was provided with while shopping there made up for it to me, and I am routinely complimented when wearing the items i have selected from them. Also my fashion sense is probably that of a 6 year old dressing himself for school, so I am generally overwhelmed unless something jumps at me.

    Anyway, I am looking to get one or two new suits in the near future, and would like a little help picking something that oozes classic and sharp, without breaking the bank. The high end of my budget is about $800 for a two piece, and I would be willing to drop 200 each for a couple of nice dress shirts (only a couple tho lol). I also like items that are not restricting when it comes to matching them with something, as my wardrobe is not gigantic at the moment. I am really just looking to step it up a little from the look I can get a tiptops, without buying something that looks good but is poor quality.

    In looking through the bay I have seen ted baker, tiger of Sweden, reiss, and a couple other lines that I would be willing to maybe gamble on if I could know I am getting value for what I am spending, but I am hesitant buying anything from the bay as I know its just a department store line and the price generally doesn't merit the service I get there and I am just gambling on quality. If I did go with one of the previously mentioned I would probably try and pick something up from their own stores rather than bay lines. I like to get whatever I buy adjusted, and being 5'8 and almost athletic, most of the stuff I buy NEEDS to be adjusted.

    So, throw some suggestions for a guy like me, what should I check out, and also tell me what to stay away from please. I live west end but go to school downtown.

    As for shoes, I really wanted some allen Edmonds, but I have a high instep and this causes a bowing at the top of the shoes which really looks bad, like a gap from wearing slippers. I have tried wider shoes, but I am doomed to wearing derbies pretty much. I have a pair of galizio toressi's which I absolutely adore, but cant get anything else from their line that I want because id have to ship it from outside Canada (+$$$), or I would have no hesitation buying them. So really I am looking for a nice chestnut brown derby cap-toe. its really hit or miss with the bowing, even on derbies sometimes. I have also checked out the loding store at sherway and found the fit feels slightly awkward, the shoes look pretty good, but fit seems a bit off (mostly in the heel).

    Thanks for reading this essay, I look forward to seeing your replies!

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