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    Hi All This is my first post, but I have been checking the forum every once in a while. Â Excellent site, and its nice to get perspective from people all over the world and not just get locked into the styles of ones individual country or region. Â Anyways, the point of my post is a cry for some information assistance. Â After most of my life being in the US with access to our abundance of sales, outlet stores, consolidation/discount stores (TJ Maxx, etc...) I have been living in Europe for the past few years. Â Tomorrow I am flying to Toronto for a family wedding and I am hoping to spend some time shopping for the deals that it seems only North America can offer (or at least not Amsterdam). Â I recall that there are some people from TO here and I was hoping that they (or anyone else who knows the city) might be able to provide some suggestions on where to shop. Â I'm looking for places like Filene's Basement, Off 5th, TJ Maxx, etc... Â Thanks in advance and any help is greatly appreciated. Â [​IMG]

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    Apr 22, 2004
    Toronto shoppin scene is not considered 'great' when compared to NYC. I am pretty sure you will find prices higher. But Holt and Harry Rosen have their own outlet store. If you do not care paying retail $$$ then hit the bloor street/yorkvill. you can find luxery gears there.

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