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Toes collapses on leather shoes... how to deal?


Bespoke Boot and Shoemaker
Dubiously Honored
Jan 8, 2008
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The derbys show evidence of hard, hard lives. They aren't even polished as you can see by the scuffing at the end of the toe.

More importantly, they are creased nearly to the end of the shoe. On a cap toe like that, there shouldn't be any creasing in the area of the cap if the shoes fit correctly. Or, if any, just the beginnings of a crease at the edge of the cap toe.

You asked a question, I trust you are genuinely looking for some answers. You want some advice? It's free and you're free to ignore it. Stop buying off Ebay and buy shoes that fit lengthwise. Do it just once and see if it doesn't make a difference.


Distinguished Member
Jan 17, 2010
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Just when you thought you've seen it all...

You, sir, are a ******* mutant.


Distinguished Member
Dec 6, 2009
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So your the owner!

Joking. But at least one other person had a similar problem. No clue whatsoever what caused that damage.

Kurt N

Senior Member
Jan 22, 2010
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Originally Posted by oroy38
It's on one of the right-foot shoes too.

OP, since you mentioned motorcycling, might it have something to do with how you plant your feet when stopped at a red light? If you're on the short side for the bike you're on, or if you tend to inch foward while keeping your feet in place, either way you might end up with the heels up and the feet resting on the toes.


New Member
May 1, 2015
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Look into getting American made boots...

Danner, Fracap, Grenson, Red Wing, or even Clarks. These are all well-built, premium leather boots. The toe box will not even ding, let alone dent.


New Member
Oct 25, 2018
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Hey folks,

First time poster here - been lurking for a long time.

I wear various quality leather dress shoes pretty much full time - working in the office, going dancing, taking walks, working in the shop, etc. Most of my shoes, even my precious pair of ferragamos, have pretty hard lives. I guess it's okay cause I buy em cheap on ebay.

Anyhow, almost every pair, after being worn for three to five months, will get the dreaded "toe collapse." Let me describe the condition - the tip of the toe of the shoe will collapse down to be flat with the sole, only bumping back to the shape of a normal shoe tip where my toe actually begins. It basically creates a straight crease across the front of the shoe, about 1/2" from the tip, running perpendicular to the shoes length. It looks awful because it ruins the graceful form of the shoe and makes the leather crinkly. This happens to loafers, cap toes, boots, whatever... even when I keep them in shoe trees.

My question is - does this happen to anyone else and why does it happen?

My hypotheses are:

- Shoe fitment issues. My feet are wider than normal, so sometimes I wear a shoe that is slightly too long for my foot. Maybe a half inch between my toe and the front of the shoe. Isn't that normal though? No ones foot actually conforms to the shape of the shoe perfectly and totally fills the toe space, right? But most people don't get the front of the shoe collapsing around the shape of their foot....

- Wierd gate. I think when I take a step, I push off with my trailing foot. I suppose this might cause the toe portion of the shoe to deform with every step.

Any solutions? Can I reinforce the shoes in some manner to prevent this from happening? Should I see a physical therapist to learn to walk again?

Thanks all,

Depending on the leather, for instance Horsehide, this is actually a desired effect! I have some medallion capped shoes that have done that and it is less desirable with a toe cap. My suggestion would be to buy higher quality boots like Whites, and get a Double Celastic toe.

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