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Ties: Charvet, Turnbull & Asser, Brioni,Holliday & Brown, Isaia, RLPL

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by StopPolloition, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. StopPolloition

    StopPolloition Senior member

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    Dec 26, 2008
    I realized that I don't really wear four in hand ties, yet I have a bunch of them. Going to start clearing them out. Now $15/each or less. Might be willing to trade for new/excellent high quality bow ties.

    #2 Robert Talbott Best of Class for Nordstrom. Looks dark burgundy, but it's made of red and midnight blue dots. Has white pin dots as well. Worn but excellent condition. Silk. USA. 3-7/8". $5.

    #3 Robert Talbott Best of Class. Purple swirly paisley thing with gold accent. Probably never worn. Silk. USA. 3-3/4". $10.

    #4 Turnbull & Asser. Gold color. Worn a couple times only. Silk. England. 3-1/2". $20. <--SOLD

    #5 Charvet. Orange with blue stripes. Silk. Worn once or maybe never worn. France. 3-3/4". $35. <-- SOLD

    #6 Isaia. Green with grey/ivory floral thingies. Silk. Some kind of fancy fold. Never worn. Italy. 3-3/4". $40 <-- TRADED

    #7 Brioni. Bronze or taupe or something satin. Silk. Worn once or twice. Italy. 3-1/2". $30 <-- SOLD

    #8 RLPL. Some kind of madder paisley? Satin. Silk. Worn several times. Very good condition. Italy. 3-3/4". $15.

    #9 Robert Talbott Best of Class. Pink or magenta or fuschia or something with white dots. Worn a couple times. USA. Silk. 3-5/8". $15.

    #10 Oxxford Clothes. Blue, green, gold stripes. Silk. Some sort of fancy folding, very heavy. Worn once or twice. Italy. 3-3/4". $15.

    Shipping is $5 flat rate inside the USA. International is extra. Paypal is preferred.
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