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Tie megathread - Drakes, Sam Hober, RLPL, etc - nothing over $60

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Sep 30, 2010
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Hi guys, the Canadian dollar is in the toilet so help me big up my clothes budget by buying these CHEEP ties.

Sorry for the bad iPhone photos but at these prices etc. I have detail pics, label pics and so on but I don't want to clutter up the thread and will furnish upon request.

All prices are plus actual shipping. I'm in Toronto.

#1 Drakes Cream with navy polka dots. 3.5 x 60"s/t new with tags $60
#2 Drakes Red with cream polka dots. 3.5 x 60" handrolled untipped new without tags $60
#3 Drakes Navy with cream polka dots. 3.5 x 60" s/t new without tags $60 or take all three for $140

#4 Sam Hober grenadine grossa red stripe on midnight blue 3.5 x 60" 4-fold s/t. $40
Worn a few times, good condition, likely not perfect but I can't see much wrong with it.
#5 Sam Hober White Dots on Purple Pin-Dot Silk Tie #9 s/t, 3.5 x 59" $40
Never worn, bought used on sf, but it's as new condition. Beautiful tie, very RLPL-ish.
#6 Sam Hober Navy silk with blue and red print 4 x 61" $30
never worn, bought used on sf, excellent condition, though it's probably not the newest tie in the world.
#7 Sam Hober orange/umber with pale blue and navy print 4 x 61" $30
same as the tie above. bought used on sf, never worn myself, excellent condition. Note the length and width of these ties, which I didn't when I bought them.

#8 RLPL ancient madder charcoal with purple and green pattern 3.5 x 60" $40
or ancient madder style, anyway. I can't attest to the silk's provenance but it's probably legit. Bought new, worn twice at the most. Beautiful hand.
#9 RLPL ancient madder paisley - navy, purple gold etc 3.5 x 60" $40
As above. Pretty classic tie but I don't get to dress "sporty" much. Bought new worn maybe 5x.
#10 RLPL black satin tie. Staple tie if you happen to be a frenchman in mourning or going to the Oscars in the 90s. 58" x 3.5". Pretty good condition. $30
#11 RLPL navy silk weave with white "OOO" pattern. 3.5 x 60" Fair condition, keeper needs a stitch. Very wearable tie, I just have a million navy ties. $30

#12 Ferragamo woven silk with vines pattern. 3.75" x 60". Beautiful and unusual tie, haven't worn it in years but wore it a fair bit when I wore it. Good condition. $40
#13 Charvet light blue, woven silk with navy squares pattern. 3.75 x 59". Bought used off sf, never worn. I recollect there's a tiny pull on here somewhere but I can't find it. $40
#14 J. Crew madras. 3.25 x 60". Worn twice. $20

#15 Armani black satin bow tie. 2.5" blade. Perfect bow tie but I now have a grosgrain tux. $30.
#16 BBBF navy/white plaid cotton bow tie. 1.75" blade. Worn once. $30. From BBBF's first year, originally sold with a OCBD shirt of the same material for a ridiculous amount of money. I have the shirt, but I spilled bleach on it recently and it's wrecked. If you want the shirt, which is BB1 and fits more like today's BB2, it's free with shipping upon request when you buy the tie. Don't get your hopes up, though, it's garbage.


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