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Tie Drifts to the Left


New Member
Jun 11, 2020
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I've noticed that my tie drifts/moves to the left during the day, as I walk. Seems most noticeable when my suit jacket is buttoned. I thought it was because I switched from a half Windsor to a Windsor knot, but that doesn't seem to be it. I hadn't ever noticed it before when I just did half Windsor knots, but now it seems to happen regardless of which of those two knots that I do. I do have a problem with my right leg and don't walk correctly, but that also isn't new and the problem just seems to have popped up. I know I could get a tie clip/bar to solve the problem, but I'd like to try to figure out what is going on. Any ideas or thoughts on why my tie is not staying straight?


Senior Member
Feb 20, 2020
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I understand that ties when they are manufactured have to be cut on the bias (so many degrees) if not they can turn and do not lie flat.
I think I also read somewhere that you can check a bias cut tie by pulling it at an angle and it should reset.......but others may be more specific or do a search
hope this helps a little.

PS found this on web
Generally, a tie should be cut on the “true bias” of the fabric. This means that it will be cut at a 45-degree angle, ensuring that the tie lays flat when worn and stays generally wrinkle-free. Before the method of cutting on the true bias was used, ties would twist and lose their shape after extended wear.

Phileas Fogg

Distinguished Member
Feb 9, 2020
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When executing the last pull through in order to complete the knot, tighten it gently. Use one hand to stabilize the triangle and the other gently pull down. Don't do so from the bottom of the tie as a few degrees off will have a disproportionate influence above. Do so a few inches down from the knot and try to do so gently and evenly (meaning straight down).

Could also be that your ties are crappy! :crackup:

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