Thoughts on pattern matching issue - Luigi Bianchi Mantova

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by thegreatgatsby, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Just curious to know if I'm expecting too much from a suit I just bought.

    I don't have any pictures. It's a prince of wales Luigi Bianchi Mantova suit.

    The patterns don't match up over the two outside flap pockets, nor does it match up underneath the arms (which you can't see when the arms are down).

    It's an off the rack suit, and I got it for under $400, but is this lack of match-up a deal breaker for anyone else, or am I being too particular?

    I have a Brioni POW suit with perfect pattern matching at all points/seams/pockets, but that's a suit of a different class. [And while I like the Brioni, I prefer the unstructured and unlined fit and feel of the LBM suit].


    Would you return?
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    Under 400 I wouldn't expect a lot more. Most won't notice. Even the eidos stuff on here has poor pattern matching and strange sleeve pitch in most guys. Wear it if you like it.

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