this is intersting - the obesity myth. discuss

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    To put some flesh on these statistical bones, the study found a 6 percent decrease in mortality risk among people classified as overweight and a 5 percent decrease in people classified as Grade 1 obese, the lowest level (most of the obese fall in this category). This means that average-height women — 5 feet 4 inches — who weigh between 108 and 145 pounds have a higher mortality risk than average-height women who weigh between 146 and 203 pounds. For average-height men — 5 feet 10 inches — those who weigh between 129 and 174 pounds have a higher mortality risk than those who weigh between 175 and 243 pounds.

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    to quote the actual study:

    i could type a lot about how this is just one category and how the article specifically fails to mention how more severe grades of obesity have higher mortality rates. or, i could talk about how mortality is just one correlation to obesity and issues like self-esteem, hip/knee/joint problems, or whatever else also have positive correlations. instead i will call this op-ed a steaming pile of horseshit from someone who is trying to bolster his book sales and move on.
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    Research should be done into the personality-weight aspect thereof. There is a little evidence that heavier people are happier on average; and it is well known that unhappy people don't live as long as their peers.

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    Going only by the media reports the study seems strange.

    Weight was at death I think. You've got guys who are seriously ill and have lost a great deal of weight being classed in the low weight group. Even if their whole lives were lived at much higher weights.

    Of course the other issue is it ignores how long these people might have lived otherwise. If you're naturally long lived smoking,over eating etc might still leave you living longer then average.

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    This has been known for a long time.

    Yes, obesity is a health risk, but it's nowhere near as bad as say, smoking.

    It is also widely acknowledged that some people's bodies tolerate obesity much better than others.

    It should be noted that obesity does not mean a particularly bad diet, which is also probably a much more important risk factor.

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