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Things That Are Bothering You, Got You All Hibbeldy-Jibbeldy, or just downright pissed, RIGHT NOW!


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Jun 6, 2017
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I get severely angry at what most people would call minor inconveniences. I get it from my Italian father. Deep down character flaws or things of that sort, I'm like yeah, whatever, fuck em' but what happened to me this afternoon just the past hour literally made me scream and think of blowing my brains out.

My acupuncturist, since we are not having sessions, wanted to meet in the park and give me these herbal supplements. I agreed and ventured outside and told myself I'll swing by the wine shop on the way home to get wine for the weekend. I was already a bit irritated at having to go out because it was supposed to start intermittently raining and I HATE the rain. It ruins my trouser crease and fucks my shoes up. It literally costs me money every time I have to go out in it. So on my way, of course, it starts pouring and I am already getting worked up. I have my umbrella, but I am looking down at my shoes cursing to myself. Sure they are "rain shoes" but it will still take time and effort to make them decently presentable after the rain, getting all of the welts, and water marks off. I get there and I am a bit early and standing in the rain. Is she early too? No, that would be too convenient. She's late. I grab the pills and start walking to the wine shop. It is raining harder now and I am gettin real worked up. I get there and there is a line to get in. MOTHERFUCKER. So I am standing there boiling with rage, in the rain. A guy walks up to me and asks if it is the line to get into the wine shop. No its the line to go bowling, yes its the line for the wine shop you fucking stupid bastard. About 20 seconds later it almost seemed like a truck door fell from the sky and landed right next to us. We are all like WTF??????? Across the street there is an overpass and a door literally flew from it and landed on the sidewalk. We could have been killed. People were looking around and oooh and ahhhing, but I'm too mad at my wet shoes to give three shits at this point. I get into the wine place and I notice they are only letting in three people at a time. The place is fucking huge. So I am looking at stuff and there is this doofus in there who is crowding my place. Come on guy, seriously? Anyway, I get like 10 bottles of stuff in a cart and make my way to the counter. I remember they don't take Amex and I am irritated at that. What is it with all Polish owned places not taking Amex? Fuck them. The stoic son of the owner is ringing me up and asks if I want a box for it all. No, I don't. I have an umbrella, bags are just easier to walk home with. No, bags please. "We only have boxes." You fucking snot nosed robot, why the fuck did you ask me then? MOTHERFUCKER. Then he says to me, I can sell you this tote for $3.99. I said no fucking way, give me the box. Mind you, I have known this kid his entire fucking life practically. I spend thousands of dollars here every year, you can't help me out guy? Well fuck you, you're not getting $3.99 more from me than you have to. Mind you, his mother, lovely lady, totally would have given me the tote for nothing, this lobotomized weasel, nope. So now I have to carry this 50 pound box back to my apartment, can't use the umbrella and I get home soaked, look at my phone and it is exploding with work messages and I have to decontaminate myself with my hands in the sink for 20 minutes while hearing a "ping" from my phone every 10 seconds and all I can think of is wishing that fucking truck door hit me and ended it all because my blood is BOILING.
I hear you on this.
There are days when I have to grab my temper with both hands to not lose it, and when I'm back home my rationale is telling me that no one is guilty for my anger, while my guts are calling me a moron and a coward for not having killed anyone


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Feb 18, 2008
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empathizing with pbooth's rage would involve:

I. understanding the desire to procure herbal supplements from an acupuncturist
II. understanding the decision to wear a suit and dress shoes to pick up herbal supplements from an acupuncturist
a. at a park
b. on a day when the forecast most likely called for rain
c. during a time when almost everyone is working from home anyways and so whatever standards for appropriate dress that exist are relaxed even further
1. because we're in the middle of a deadly pandemic


Distinguished Member
Apr 6, 2008
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I would think that pB might be the ONLY overlap between the circles of people who will not leave the house in anything other than a pressed suit, and people buying medicinal herbs from an acupuncturist.


Stylish Dinosaur
Apr 9, 2013
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I like how entitlement, to him, means getting compensated for using your talent and hard work to generate millions of dollars in revenue. Capitalism at its finest.
Guy makes $9.5m a year, is worried about players making > $0

Zero self awareness


Senior Member
Sep 15, 2006
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I think my 50+ year old cousin has become a paranoid schizophrenic.
Looking up the disease, general consensus is that it's a late adolescent to young adult thing so not sure if he's some kind of anomaly.
Last fall he started saying his new neighbor was shinning a flashlight into his room in the middle of the night. That turned in to the neighbor aiming a laser gun sight into the room. Not sure if this was real I told him to call the cops. He insisted that it would be better to have proof so he was going to install some security cams. Fast forward to the holidays. He tells me that the neighbor has some tech that shoots a laser and he seems to be able to control it's direction like it can turn corners without hitting a prism or mirror. Now, my cousin is not some dummy. He knows that that's not possible but yet he swears he saw it. The last time I talked to him he began the convo by saying "if I disappear, he (neighbor) is responsible". He then went on to tell me that he has a video that shows the technology he's been telling me about but if he shows it to me, I would be in danger. He says he was talking to the neighbor and thought they were cool now but now they aren't. Shocked, I asked if he went to the neighbors house. He said no and then motioned with his finger, first pointing at his head then away from his head. I asked him if he speaks to the neighbor via his mind and he said yes but it's his neighbor that initiates the conversations via telepathy. He then says the neighbor is a federal agent and can control all aspects of things considered paranormal. He can't go public because it would be "national news" and would bring the wrong type of attention. Oh, and he's seeing drones over his house. Is goes on and on.
Anyway, it's got me wondering if he's a threat to himself or his neighbor. I think I need to talk to his sister about this.


Saucy White Boy
May 27, 2008
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Anyway, it's got me wondering if he's a threat to himself or his neighbor. I think I need to talk to his sister about this.
Absolutely yes.

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