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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Lafont, Feb 9, 2016.

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    A bit of humor.... There was a Ted Baker bow tie with restrained flower pattern I admired in Nordstrom's Beachwood Place(Greater Cleveland) last year. Very English and very spiffy, but I couldn't rationalize buying it unless it went on sale. I also looked for the tie in other stores (e.g. Dillard's Beachwood, which had a Ted Baker display) and on the Web, where even the Ted Baker flower ties were not quite as appealing. Before I could buy it I went one day and it was gone; the saleswoman whom I asked about it said she loved it too (it really stood out) and she knew ut was definitely sold.

    This year Nordstrom's had a similar Ted Baker bow tie - also with small, cornflower blue flowers and very natty. I considered it for a period costume I was putting together. It, too, didn't go on sale though I decided, after also looking all over for the same or similar tie at a lower price, not to get it. Then, I noticed this tie, too, was gone.
    About a week ago I was in Dillard's Beachwood's men's shoe department and there was this young sales associate wearing what looked like the tie. I mentioned it to him and he said yes - he got it at Nordstrom's and he too thought it spectacular (and he only wears self-tie bow ties). I told him how I had considered it, and looked in many venues for the same tie or one very similar. He said he did exactly the same - searched on the web and in many other stores. We got into a good discussion regarding menswear and shopping. If he were a big guy the tie might not make too much of an impression, but his being a not-too-tall, thin guy, the bow tie really looked quite dramatic. Now I know exactly where the tie went and I even might keep seeing it! :revolve:

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