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Stylish Dinosaur
Oct 12, 2008
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Anyone know if the mainline Uniqlo Corduroy suit pants have that long rise taper that a lot of their pants have? Just don't want to be caught surprised if I go true to size and that it's actually slim.



Stylish Dinosaur
Oct 12, 2008
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Did someone greatly mess up, or is this a normal thing? Uniqlo linking to Theory, J Brand, and Helmet Lang on their HOMEPAGE.

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 8.02.09 AM.png


Well-Known Member
Nov 11, 2015
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Just received my UU order. Some thoughts:

Selvedge Jeans: Much smaller than mainline. I am usually between sizes 31 and 32. I have mainline regular fit selvedge jeans in size 31 that are perfect. Ordered these in 31 and I am not even close to buttoning them. I probably need size 33 or something. Maybe its my build or something... Will send back. Quality seemed normal Uniqlo selvedge quality and fit has nice taper.

Striped wide fit ocbd-shirts: I like the fabric and collar is actually very substantial and rolls nicely. I chose color pink which was a bad choice. Shirt looks like something you have accidentaly washed with red laundry. That is a shame. I am returning and maybe ordering it in white if its not yet sold out.

Mandarin collared corduroy shirt: Very nice fabric and wide fit. Will keep it. Imo corduroy shirt fits wider than the actual WIDE FIT ocbd. Hah.

Mock neck shirt: Wow what a fabric! Bought this in yellow which is a great Lemaire yellow. I give this 10/10. Very very soft fabric. Its a shame all other colors are already sold out in EU-site. My favorite piece by far. Highly recommended.

Wool blend suit: Bought it in grey. Fabric is nothing special imo but this must be one of the first cheap off the rack suits that fit me. Only problem are pants, that are again on the smaller side. Ordered sizes 31 and 32. Tried 32 that fit perfectly, but maybe little snug. I am in the process of slimming my self with healthy diet but still... Would like to try size 33 as well but sold out already. Im on the fence should I keep it or not. Jacket is good on its own though so I might keep the whole suit since I am missing an casual blazer.

Milano ribbed jacket: For some reason I have skipped these during earlier seasons. Now bought it and very satisfied. Thought these are more casual sweaters but irl it actually looks classy. Good for my casual office.

Also bought one new t-shirt and its the same old. Very good stuff for the price.

From main collection I bought this corduroy overshirt that was mentioned in this thread earlier: https://www.uniqlo.com/eu/en_FI/product/corduroy-overshirt-428955.html?dwvar_428955_color=COL01&dwvar_428955_size=SMA005&cgid=IDmf-corduroy-collection

Very satisfied with this. Corduroy has very thick wales and fabric itself is thick. This feels much pricier than 30 euros. I highly recommend it.

Also the Uniqlo x JWA collection looks lame. There is nothing interesting for me.
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Senior Member
May 31, 2012
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Milano ribbed jacket: For some reason I have skipped these during earlier seasons. Now bought it and very satisfied. Thought these are more casual sweaters but irl it actually looks classy. Good for my casual office.
I have a couple of these from different seasons, and am a big fan as well. The men in my office usually end up wearing white OCBDs or other white button downs with dark chinos/slacks, so this goes well with it (esp when the temperature drops). In fact, I keep one at the office.


Active Member
Sep 27, 2019
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Yeah, women's JWA is really nice. The lookbook has a great range of cuts / fabrics etc. That boa fleece blouson looks plush. Big fan of the dresses and knitwear too. It's also great to see a wide range of colour rather than the six shades of brown from the U line. Especially love the olive turtleneck. Just a shame the mens isn't more adventurous

I say this as someone who doesn't own anything from this collab, but it feels to have maintained a quirkiness / individuality which U has since lost.


Feb 27, 2018
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Cord shirt and mock neck pullover. I bought two of the mock necks, and the gray is very dark. I am wondering if it is tagged wrong?

Wide cord pants and selvedge jeans. The cord pants fall with a half break on me, some kind of casual elegance. I'm not a denim enthusiast, but I've been looking for a selvedge pair for a while and they fit nice (took my normal size) and the price is right.

Reversible jacket and regular fit cord pants. The jacket seems like a good enough layer and the reversibility might come in handy. The cord pants I just didn't like the dark brown color, it has a little red/purple in it. I will return and probably buy a different color on sale.


Senior Member
May 12, 2017
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U 20FW Thoughts

I thought of getting the Half Coat but I think I can wait on sale. Pretty well made but thick which can be useful for rain, layered with knit or down, can be good for autumn.

The Double Face Overcoat isn’t too bad, just not too great, because og the felt-like wool blend... but it’s better than its U 16FW version (that was terrible). It won’t save you from winter unless you layer it.

The Quilted Padded coat has a nice shape, although it can feel like you’re wearing wall insulators.

Wool Jersey Jacket is also nice wool flannel texture, same as the pants that might be better fitting one size up for me.

Trench coat is pretty good especially without blocktech if you need something like it before you jump on to a Burberry. But I also tried the womens and I’m a fan, just clean and minimal with the tonic fabric that adds a nice touch.

Of course, the Women’s Denim Shirt Coat I tried as well. Recommended if you’re into the look 👍

Milano Rib jacket still good, but a bit thicker than previous due to the poly mix. I still prefer the 18FW version with 100% wool.

I like the 100% Fisherman Knit Mock Neck, has a slightly dry hand but feels nice. Same with the Merino Knit Polo, looks ordinary but I think the poly blend worked well for the fabric to have a bit of structure.

The other wool blend knits are ok but you just know how much synthetic they feel with the shininess, still not that bad but maybe you can just go Lemaire for the price of a couple of these.

Same feeling as past seasons, can still recommend, the stripe broad cloth shirts are nice but getting a bit tired of them already.

I did get the Oxford in dark gray. Really good fabric compared to the mainline Uniqlo. But then again. I hate the buttons.

The Corduroy shirt feels nice with the velvety feel of the fine wales. I got black which felt a bit luxe.

I also like the Women’s Double Pocket Oversized Shirt. I got the white and I like looseness with the cotton satin fabric texture.

Flannels are pretty supple with the lyocell mix. Thinking about it but I might get...

Cut and Sew
I agree about how the Mock neck pullover is a gem. Fits relaxed with the gloss texture similar to the U Airism half sleeve tee. Highly recommended.

Jeans sizing is actually a bit smaller than the usual, I think it’s not vanity sized anymore for this. I’m a 30/31 usually but had to get 32. Selvedge is similar to mainline but stiffer and with a pink stitch. Other jeans are a bit thicker this season, notable on the white and gray.

Corduroy wide fit work pants are very comfy. Fits TTS. Although not my priority right now since I can’t wear it as much where I am. Might consider on sale.

I actually also tried the Women’s Boyfriend Jeans in Brown, not too common color for denim, size 67 fit me but still tight. It was popular in Japan for men, too.

I got one of each except the 2Way tote since I already have it from SS20. Good beater bags with their minimal design, they kinda remind me of some Porter models with the nylon fabric - similar to what they used in past seasons.
The Women’s shoulder bag can be unisex (as is labeled in Japan), which can expand a bit with the three compartments.

In general, I feel this season is like a catchup for people who might’ve missed some past season items and silhouettes. Nothing too bad imo but not much pieces for me to have the urgency to get since I have similar items from past seasons already. Nice to see how U has a definite look already, but am hoping it continues to evolve and excite. 17FW and 19FW were the better U FW seasons when new silhouettes and details are introduced.

From here, just looking forward to +J, hoping it’s good and maybe the reason why they are launching it last. Preview might even be after JWA launch so as not to preempt people who might otherwise skip it, hahaha.


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