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The Under 21 Group


Nov 14, 2007
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Hey I've noticed a couple younger people post here. I find it pretty interesting that there are people as young as me interested in the type of clothing here, so I thought we could share interests. We could share how we got to know this forum, what types/brands of clothing we're interested in, what high school/college we're from; anything at all.

I just turned 18 and I'm a freshman at University of California in San Diego.

I found this forum at the beginning of my senior year in high school. All I knew about clothing was the stuff I read in GQ haha. I just wanted more, so I browsed around and this forum was the one I liked the most.

Favorite articles of clothing that I have in my closet
APC NS- worn in for about a year and a half now. (washed once, soaked 2 times, worn to utter shit, smells like cigarettes and beer- thank you college)
LEVI's it says 505 (somebody explain it to me)- i was looking around for new denim, found these at American Rag in LA, liked the fit although the late night snacks aren't helping the waist at all.
NOM DE GUERRE plaid black and white shirt from this fall/winter
TARGET white tee's- I know AA is popular around here, but the tees just don't fit well on me.
ROKARA jackets- I picked up two of em at the Rokara sample sale RyeGB had at Silverlake. I fucking love them and thanks for the hook-up Rye, even though you probably don't remember me. I was the young asian kid with his friends who looked really out of place.
RRL henley
ACNE henley
VANS white authentics and black/white SK8 hi's
I CAN'T READ THE NAME black denim jacket

I don't post fits because
1. i don't have a camera (unless you count the one on my mac)
2. my fits are pretty basic, so I don't find them worth posting.

anyways, I hope you guys post. I hope we can have some meet ups of our own. I noticed a lot of meet-ups involve bars. I'm not 21, so if you guys do want to drink, I know some LA k-town bars that don't card


Nov 14, 2007
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haha nah. is it in Ktown? what street?

there are several places like Cho Ga Jeep and Ee Ga Joo.


Senior Member
May 7, 2008
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The joys of living in Scotland, drinking from 18 years old. I'm 19, soon to be 20 (scary year, one before 21.) In the WAYWT I did notice a lack of young people, but there are ones in their twenties (From what I can tell) who I like the fits of. Plus the rest I'm mentally saving for when I'm a bit older. I basically use this forum to try and update my style, since I had none back in high school (uniform) and want to look good and stylish in my young-man years.
I don't mind massive criticism in the WAYWT forum (apart from some), and I don't necessarily need to blow people way with everything I wear, but wearing a good fit is something to be enjoyed for sure.


Distinguished Member
Jul 24, 2007
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I'm 18 (going to be 19 on the 24th) and I go to CUNY. I actually got interested in clothing after i realized that none of my clothes fit the way I wanted them to.

Some of my favorite items in my closet are:
KMW rockers - I bought them a while back (over the Summer?) but it was way too hot to wear them. I started wearing them recently and the fit is spot on.
Banana Republic Ts - These fit so nice. I was never really a fan of the way AA ts fit, so I was really happy when I found out these were slim (nothing else from BR is)
A/X cotton parka/m-65 - I am not a fan of this brand and a lot of the time the overly branded crap they sell is of awful quality. However, some of their outerwear, especially on sale, is a good buy. This coat fits well, it's very warm, and the quality is very good.
JVxCon crazy laces - I have a bunch of sneakers (more than I need) but these are my favorite.
Flathead Key Hook - My favorite accessory. Its practical, looks good, and it will outlast me.

A meet up sounds great. Anyone in Brooklyn or elsewhere in New York, hit me up.


Active Member
May 18, 2008
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I am 19 (turned this summer) going to school at Brock University in Ontario (Canada) I am in my second year. I too joined here to find out that about 0% of my clothes fit properly. My favourite pieces of clothing are probably my socks and underwear right now however a close second are my:
J Crew lambs wool sweater
Design By Humans Shirts
Lucky Brand Sweatshirt
LL Bean Jeans - I am looking to replace/add in another jean to the rotation.

Oh and I cant forget, I include this in my wardrobe, Jack Spade Messenger bag. And 56 (maybe it is a 57) vintage omega.


Senior Member
May 21, 2008
Reaction score
I am 20, and I am a junior at Dartmouth College.

MJK Shirt/Jacket
MJK Flannel
- these are two of the first SF inspired purchases. Really like these. The jacket get compliments all the time
Nudie AJDS
Edwin Sen
Clarks beeswax DB
My dad's old pendleton flannel: this is really warm wool flannel shirt. Pretty nice for hanover fall.

I am currently in the market for a warm, more stylish winter jacket. Trying to maybe find a good grey wool jacket. It needs to be really warm for the Hanover winter. I also need a better selection of warm sweaters.

apocalypse later

Senior Member
Apr 11, 2007
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I'm a sophomore at Marquette University, and I pretty much stick to whatever's cheap but looks good:

-Nudie RRDS worn 1 year. They have holes in the pockets, they're stretched to shit, but I still love them.
-Aldo German Army Sneaker rip-offs. For $40 on sale, these things are really comfy and look pretty similar to something Dior would put out.
-MJK and AA hoodies. Both fit really well and are way too easy to just throw on and not care.
-AA-printed band tees and H&M graphic tees. Always fit well, last a decent amount of time if you take care of them and usually look good.
-Sale/cheap button-ups. For some reason, whenever I go looking for sales, I always get shit. But when I walk in a store with no intention of actually finding anything, I always hit the jackpot. I have a ton of Shades of Griege, Zara, Fred Perry, APC, etc button-ups that I get for usually between $30-50. Of course if I need something fast H&M is a godsend for their normally $20-$40 button-ups that fit well off the rack.
-H&M Outerwear. At least once a year they put out something that looks as good as Nom De Guerre's stuff. Last year they had this wool M65 for $70, and it looks almost better than the NDG one for $600.


Oct 2, 2008
Reaction score
I'm 19 and go to school in St. Louis.
I still haven't plunked down any real money on clothing, but tees from BR fit me well, as do the Mossimo brand ones from Target.
I got a nice pair of shoes from Rockport before school started this year (for formal event and such). I should be keeping them looking pristine, but I've been wearing them hard, and they are looking pretty good in their current beat-up state.
Button down shirts are mainly from thrifting and either carry no tag or are AA.
For denim I stick mainly to two pairs of Express jeans I got from thrifting. They are both straight leg, and one is really dark and pre X2, and the other is just a pretty generic faded X2. However, I think I'm going to invest in a pair of APC NS this week.


Senior Member
Apr 29, 2008
Reaction score
18 and senior in High School (probably attending Emory or NYU next year)

favorite pieces:
Earnest Sewn Kyrre (my first pair of raws from Nordstrom Rack for $30 and love them)
Dior 19 cm
Nudie Slim Jim

H&M and AA T-Shirts
H&M and Spruce Hoodies
Target (Merona) sweaters
Hare M-65
Converse X Varvatos (4 kinds)

All in all pretty much cheap stuff and I'll throw in some cash for something that I think will be worth it.


Senior Member
Apr 13, 2008
Reaction score
I'll be 21 in a few months and go to school in Montreal (UniversitÃ
de MontrÃ

(SF-approved) items:

Nudie Slim Jims Dry Japan (only 4 months of wear, unwashed)
Acne x Tretorn black high-top sneakers
Paul Smith 'Dylan' ankle-boots (bought from a member here: Lel)
Couple of AA items (both Alt. & American)
Couple of Zara items

Next purchase:
Pair of gray, slim (not skinny) jeans. Looking for something anti-fit (kinda' like the SJ, as I did not size-down to achieve the look), with a slight taper. Something around 7.25'' or 7.5'' hem opening. Budget: 120-180$, I will consider buying slightly used. I wear 31 in Nudie.

If anyone has any recommendation that would fit the description..


Distinguished Member
Jun 13, 2008
Reaction score
15 here. I'm hoping to end up at Columbia or Amherst. Anyway, I only recently found SF and thus don't have to many great clothes yet. So, Favorite pieces I have now Charcoal H&M turtleneck sweater Levi's 507's V-Neck sweaters from BR and Martin+Osa A Brooks brothers crewneck sweater (BB sweaters have a surprisingly slim fit) New Balance 574's Some music tees, basically all printed on AA Old tan hamilton jacket from American Eagle (from the 1970's, before they were a douchebaggy brand) Some thrifted vintage political campaign t's Items I hope to purchase soon: APC's. Dunno if I'll get NC's in 30 or NS's in 29. More solid v-neck tees. Urban Outfitters sells cheaper ones than AA. New shoes, either Saucony jazz or some oldschool onitsuka asics. A Cul.K jacket from yesstyle.com More cool stuff from thrift stores


Distinguished Member
Jun 15, 2008
Reaction score
i'm 17. live in NOLA. college next year.

stuff i got from SF that i wear now:

AA t's (have 7 or 8, love em! size small.)
apc new standards (size 27, side down 2. 2 months wear)
adidas sambas (never heard of them before i came to sf, favorite pair of sneaks!)
chucks/purcells (actually don't own these yet; been holding off for a while but i'll probably pick up 2 or 3 pairs next week)
h&m suit (i don't have a need for a suit besides obvious weddings or funerals, but styleforum WAYWT threads make me jealous so i got a cheap little h&m suit that seems pretty cool, next up TaT next month!)
clarks desert boots (black seude and beeswax leather)

thats what i wear the most lol

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