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    that coat sleeve gets shortened with just enough shirt sleeve to show. but today your shirt sleeve dose not show at all. the next day there is too much shirt sleeve showing. no its not the tailors fault. the suit is not weird, its the different whats to do?
    first the shirt sleeves must all be the same. then we have no problem. so how is it done?

    raise your thumb at a right angle to your fore-arm, as thumbing a ride.
    the inside corner that forms at the base of the thumb is the point that
    we look for. this is the point that all of your shirt sleeves should stop at.
    the ones that are too short cant be lengthened unless there is some
    extra cloth inside the cuff. this might be there on a custom made shirt.
    the ones that are too long need only to be shortened. but some can be
    remedied by making the cuff circumference smaller . so that it will not.
    slide below the base of the thumb. if the amount to be reduced is small
    only the button need be moved. if its a large amount then the cuff will
    need a tailor or dressmaker to make the cuff smaller.

    once all the shirt sleeves are the same then no matter what shirt is used
    to judge the suit sleeve length, they will all show the same amount of
    linen that you wish.
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    Great advice. Thanks!

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