The racket that is the canadian gov.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by GQgeek, Aug 29, 2002.

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    Mar 4, 2002
    So my prada bag, a black prada purse(not for me), and 2 armani belts arrived at my friend's house in the US today. Yes I bought them but that's not the point. What i intended to do was have my stuff shipped to him in the states so I didn't get hit with 34% duty/taxes when my stuff crosses in to canada. I was arranging a pickup and then i got to the part where he needs to provide 3 invoices. He's supposed to put a detailed description of the items, including market value and country of origin of the items (italy in this case). The lady I spoke to said i could mark that they were "personal effects" on the invoice in which case i MIGHT not get charged duty/taxes. i've gotta call someone else tomorrow to confirm this but I still think it's a scam. I mean lets for a second assume i forgot these items at my friends house when i was visiting.. they charge you taxes/duty on the value of the items you've ALREADY payed taxes on (assuming u originally bought them in canada)?? anyone else think it's ridiculous? i had him open the package and strip anything from it that suggests a purchase. So I'll get the dustbags, certificates of authenticity and anything else like that by letter mail. I could always lie about what's in the package.. Do they actually open each package that crosses the border? I could also say "knock-off prada bag, knock-off armani belts, etc" and put some low prices (20 for betls and maybe like 60 for the bags). Then there's the question of insurance htough... If they're fakes, why am i insuring them for 1100 bucks? What if i said they were x-mas gifts from my friend for the whole family? Anyone got any good ideas? [​IMG]

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    Mar 10, 2002
    GQgeek, Maybe I am not following but I think this I pretty easy to solve. Have your American friend sign the invoices. You drive down there to pick your package up Put the items in a suitcase. Take the tags off ands all that jazz, then the remote chance that border patrol does stop you; is it illegal to have 2 belts and a bag. Or something to that effect.? Â Tell them I was a gift from a friend in the states. Something like, "˜I have no idea the tangible value, but this is from my best friend so I really don't give a shit about the cost of the belt/bag.' I would second you on that tax law being ridiculous. You seem to be a smart guy, adapt and overcome. Hope I helped, Parsonsdb [​IMG]

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