The Opposite of Stealth Wealth - March 16, 2014

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    As much as StyleForum is about expensive clothing, it’s also a great venue to learn about business and ask questions of those more experience than one. And thus we have this thread, which is about how to approach the topic of inquiring after a raise. Should you be demanding? Polite? Firm? Share your thoughts!

    Red Wings

    Several years ago Red Wing’s Gentleman Travelers boots helped usher in an appreciation of the classic American bootmaker in fashion circles, and while many people have move beyond workwear, there are still many devoted followers of the brand. What do you think? Personally, with winter still all around us, I think having another pair of rugged, ass kicking boots is never bad.

    Wide Boy Look

    I’m not really sure what to think about this thread – Holdfast decided to start a thread about the “wide boy look”, or outfits inspired by the idea of wheeling and dealing and expressing ostentatious wealth. It’s an almost 70s-style British look complete with wide lapels, but not limited to the decade. Cool.

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