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Oct 11, 2009
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Jul 31, 2010
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So long ago! See you're still pulling in hauls @SpooPoker

Welcome to the new thread.

For posterity, here's what we did in part 1 :

And part 2 :


In this thread we :

1. Will tell you to read the whole thread from start to finish, and that may include part 1
2. Do not blatantly sell items unless you're either awesome or in that picture up there ^^ and only then "selling" is defined as not putting "N/A" next to your post
3. Treat each other with respect and be kind to the noobs that we all once were
4. Post epic ****.

And some pointers from @HansderHund :

Welcome! You probably have a few questions, so let’s look at the most popular:

Why is everyone here an asshole?
What is this worth?
Is this a thing?
What are the best stores in my area?
I’m just trying to improve my wardrobe and want simple answers!

Why is everyone here an asshole?

I don’t think anyone here is inherently an asshole. I’ve dealt with a number of people here and can honestly say that I don’t have problems with anyone. Some are a bit more abrasive than others. Some have opinions with which I disagree. Having said that, no one has yet to steal things, not return favors, etc.

This is the internet. This is also a place where people share a hobby and enjoy perfecting it. This is the perfect environment for people to develop strong opinions. It would be no different if you ventured into any other type of specialized forum and broke long-standing, albeit unwritten, rules.

What is this worth?

It’s worth what someone will pay you. That’s not sarcastic, that’s the truth. This thread isn’t about estimating the value of your finds. For starters, it depends on quite a few factors: age, style, condition, size, etc. It’s not easy to do considering all of the variables and people here generally don’t like to do it, especially for newer members. In order to employ the double standard, you'll often see long-standing members assign values to finds. Sometimes this is ignored, sometimes people are vocal about it.

If you’d like a general idea, use ebay completed search results and see how many are actually selling. Of those that sell, are they similar to yours? How about the sizing? Of that limited group, what’s the price range? $/€/£ 10-50? If that’s the case, assume your find is somewhere in the middle.

If you have more detailed questions about value and selling, take a look at this thread: ]Buying & Selling on eBay: Tips, Tricks, Problems and Questions

Is this a thing?

Before you ask this question, search the thread. If you’re logged in to StyleForum, there is a link at the top that says “search this thread.” Click it and a search box opens. Your search should reveal a number of results and you can see each post. It’s more than likely that in the 60,000+ posts within this thread, your “thing” has been discussed.

If you are saying to yourself “I don’t have time to look everything up!,” then why do you think anyone else should do that work for you? Is our time any less valuable than yours?

Beyond searching the thread directly, you have other options. Google images will help narrow things down, completed eBay searches will give you an idea of desirability. Once most of the common haunts have been exhausted, bring your question back to the thread.

What are the best stores in my area?

To many, if not most, this question is akin to asking what color underwear someone’s wife is wearing. It’s pretty much off-limits, even if most stores are readily accessible online. The exception to this, I’ve found, is that people are more than happy to help via PMs. I’ve visited a number of different areas and once I mentioned it, people with whom I’d never had contact were sending me messages offering their spots, best times, offering to meet, etc.
I’m just trying to improve my wardrobe and want simple answers!

Well, simple answers are often elusive. The best answer to this, again, is doing a bit of research. StyleForum is full of beginner material. Beyond that, there are any number of menswear blogs and tumblrs that offer visual ideas. In fact, there are threads that list these.

Your lifestyle, preferences, size, and budget are all unknowns. Without this information, any suggestions are just blind guesses.

Here are some general guidelines for CM:

1. Light blue shirts and grey trousers are safe.
2. Avoid black suits. They aren’t staple.
3. Make sure everything fits. Pants can be hemmed easily.
4. A jacket with pinstripes should have pants 99% of the time.
5. If you’re wearing a tie, you should probably wear a suit/jacket.
6. If you have to dress up: grey/charcoal suit, light blue shirt, black shoes, navy tie. Make sure it all fits.

Ill start with a #onestop of 45 Turnbull & Asser shirts. PPU $4.

Thank you sir, for not getting monograms and buying stock sizes instead of bespoke!

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Jan 18, 2015
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Now I see it. Pics on phone are crappy, sorry I missed both. Amazing, as always Spoo, great to see you hitting the pacement.


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May 23, 2012
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Oct 17, 2022
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I’ve been finding mainly accessories lately, Crocket and Jones Belt (38), some nice Turnbell and Asser pants, Johnstons of Elgin Scarf, Drakes Lambswool beanie, Gucci women’s denim purse and a scavenger esque moment - a cashmere Hugo Boss scarf that I found in a gutter in Chelsea! 16E08C1E-9BF2-428B-B9CB-7A51ACEB7694.jpeg 1EDB7AED-2931-46E5-9A47-BD150E97E363.jpeg 7BB627AB-F2DD-46F5-B609-84B056763F16.jpeg 2D139EC4-DE4C-456B-804F-50936BE1881A.jpeg 33D78200-AD0F-416D-A35A-900B563FFFDB.jpeg 584F44C2-01B1-43A7-8130-5C60B434D196.jpeg 2089FFCB-1500-46CE-9068-C2F421314B6B.jpeg 642C12A7-EFCF-4861-B337-755CD79E45E3.jpeg C3922196-24B1-4BA6-8383-42A8FAF2F208.jpeg

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