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Nov 20, 2016
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@kbadgley84 my guess would be Church's since the text block is like my Chetwynds. @flipstah Peal shoes could have been made by any of several different makers, it's a brand Brooks uses for MI England shoes.

These were a $9 thrift BTW! As worn by
in the opening scene of Goldeneye.
Church's Chetwynd | Bond Lifestyle
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Jan 14, 2013
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That Realistic would be an easy $100 and some change on Craigslist of FB marketplace if it powers up and works (plug in some headphones and test it out with the radio). Volume is likely crackly/staticy, which is super common on these vintage receivers. Easy fix (deoxit on the pots). I never mess around with that stuff as it's usually more work than it's worth. I just test for power and sometimes test out the controls with the radio (vol, bass, treble, etc) to let whoever the buyer is know what it may need in terms of TLC.

I'd personally consider the Technics stuff to be donation fodder, but one could probably get $30-$60 out of the set. Good saves. Keep that stuff out of the landfills. 👍
Deoxit D5 and Faderlube F5 are worth their weight in gold in good gear BUT for quick flips of the lower priced stuff i would go with $3 can of CRC spray from Home Depot/Lowes


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May 21, 2014
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Why you rifling through my drawers, again?! @impuntura
since you seem to find this sort of thing every other day, if you find a larger one lmk, haha. The normal ones are just too small for my wrist but the “oversized” ones are closer.


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Nov 29, 2010
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Remodeling my flipper house has kept me out of thrifting, but had to run a trailer to Phoenix to pick up auction items, so managed to drop into one limited-hours thrift just before it closed and was rewarded with this crispy NWOT beauty for a Jackson:


Also, pretty pleased to grab this massive (60"x45") canvas by Ksenia Sizaya at a live estate auction for $20. Opening bid. Montreal-based Sizaya churns out these colorful canvases for big box stores, so it ain't fine art, but about 3% or so rule on this. Sorry for the bad lighting.

Do any of the rest of you buy on auctionnation.com? Here in AZ, most of the auctions (over a hundred a week) are of HD/Lowes/Amazon returns, and it's been awesome. A few weeks ago I bought four pallets of cabinets for five hundred bucks. About $8K retail. Some are mildly distressed (though sometimes just the packaging), others are just cancellations or whatever. I had enough for my entire kitchen, including an extra few that I used to build a center island, gave two to my neighbor, donated some to Habitat for Humanity's reStore and sold the rest on CL. Last week, I bought four pallets of bathroom stuff, as I'm at that stage in the remodel. Bathtubs, shower stalls, glue-up and direct-to-stud walls, curved glass shower doors. $660 for that lot, so way under the 10% rule. Same as before, use some, donate some, give away some and sell some. Just another thrifting variant.

I have way more than enough for both houses. Oh yeah, forgot about that: I thrifted another doublewide last Thursday. Attorney lien auction, and while a couple other guys showed up, both pulled out right before the sale, and so I got it for opening bid: $9688. Should flip for around $80K once I go through it. I'll drop $20K or more on the remodel but still a decent flip.

Looking forward to hitting the thrift stores again, but dang, this remodeling stuff is keeping me busy 14 hours a day.

You guys are rocking it out there! Back soon . . .

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