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Oct 14, 2020
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Do you guys think it’s likely that they don’t bring the best stuff out on the Senior days because they would prefer not to sell it for the 30% off. I feel like not much stuff great comes out


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Nov 2, 2011
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It’s time for our 10th annual Thrift Thread Gift Exchange!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the state of the world's postal systems, packages may be delayed (again) this year. I advise everyone to have a bit of patience and, if possible, ship as early as you can. Additionally, PLEASE SEND TRACKED PACKAGES AND KEEP THE TRACKING INFORMATION. When packages go missing, insurance requires this information.

This year, we will be using an online gift exchange platform. I have created a group and you will need to register with an email address. From there, you’ll be able to fill out a wishlist and mailing address and anonymously contact your gift exchange partner.

See below for further information.

Many of you have participated in the past and know how it works, but others are new to the scene. Read below for all of the pertinent information!

What to do now:
  • PM me (HansderHund) and tell me you’d like to join
  • Send your $10 Ronald McDonald House donation (address provided once you PM Hansderhund)
  • Follow the link in the reply PM to register online for the exchange

If you’d rather not read all of the information, here are the key points:

  • In order to participate, you must have a minimum of 100 posts. These posts can be anywhere on StyleForum, not necessarily in the thrift thread. No exceptions have been/will be made for those with fewer than the required number!
  • As we have done in previous years, a donation to StyleForum’s favorite charity (The Ronald McDonald House) is required. This will be donated once StyleForum opens their donation drive in December. Should StyleForum not have a donation drive as they didn't last year, a suitable charity will be chosen. If you’d rather not participate, but would still like to donate, that’s fine!
  • You will need to confirm to me by 31 October that you’re in this year.
  • Please post a photo and thank you of what you receive. It’s fun to see what everyone receives!


  • Register (PM me) by 31 October 2021
  • Names drawn on 1 or 2 November 2021
  • Send ALL gifts by 1 December 2021

If you would like to be inspired by last year’s gifts, check out this thread:

Register Online for the Gift Exchange
This year, we will be using an online service to handle the name-drawing, addresses, and communication between members. You will receive a link to join the group once you have PMed me. If you've previously registered, you can probably just log into your old account.

NEW THIS YEAR: You can now add your mailing address in your profile. It will only be seen by whomever draws your name. This is the easiest option to get your address to your partner.

From the link, you’ll be asked to create an account. You’ll only enter your email address, create a password, and then enter a username. IMPORTANT: Do NOT get creative with a username, use the same username from StyleForum. I will remove anyone I can’t identify.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be in our group and you can then add things to your “wishlist.” Please add anything you’d like, any sizes, anything you don’t want, etc. This will really help your partner.

Once names are drawn (on 1 or 2 November), you’ll find out for whom you’re shopping. Your first job is to add your mailing address to your account. If your partner has not added their address, you can contact them anonymously via the messaging function. Check your inbox on the profile page to see whether you have new messages. You can always get in touch with your partner anonymously if you have questions later.

That’s it!


You'll receive a PayPal address via PM. Please add your SF username to the “notes” section.

What it’s all about:

The thrift thread gift exchange is just that...a gift exchange among the voluntary members of the thrift thread. You will receive the name/contact information of a fellow member for whom you will buy a gift or gifts. The gifts can be thrifted, discount purchased, or retail, but the recommended spending limit is $25 + shipping. If you're shipping internationally, you will easily spend as much on shipping as on the gifts.

We have a timeline for registering for the exchange and when gifts should be sent.

It’s that simple!


How do I get involved?

Send me (HansderHund) a PM saying that you’d like to join and you will receive a link to the online registration.

How do I know I won’t get screwed?

You (nor I) don’t. We’re all relative strangers, so it’s really banking on the goodwill of other members. I don’t vet participants other than by post count. Having said that, it’s been overwhelmingly successful up to this point as far as I know. Aside from a couple of members not receiving their gifts (but were later compensated), we’ve done well. That means we’ve had hundreds of strangers exchange gifts via postal service around the world based only on trust.

Why do I have to pay you $10?

Once you tell me you’d like to join, I’ll send you a PM telling you to send $10. Last year, we were able to raise $400! The $10 shouldn’t be a huge deal, but it is a mandatory requirement for participation. If I don’t have your donation in before drawing the names, your name will be removed from the list.

Does the person that I have also have my name?

No. It’s a drawing of names, so the only time two people will have one another is by chance. This happens occasionally.

How are the names drawn?

This year, we are doing an online drawing, so you must be registered at the link that is sent to you via PM. If you’re not registered on the site, you won’t be able to participate.

What if I don’t like/need my gifts?

This is important: you are free to do with your gifts what you want. That means you may sell, trade, use, throw away, donate anything that you don’t like or need. No one should have their feelings hurt if they see their gift passed along in a trade or listed on ebay. It’s hard enough buying things for people you know well, let alone strangers, so try not to feel too bad.

What should I get my member?

Whatever you think they will like! If you know/have had contact with your member, you have an advantage. However, if you don’t know them, stick to safe items.

Some easy suggestions are:
Pocket squares
Shoe polish/laces
Shoe trees
Wallets/small leather goods

You can of course go for anything sartorial of your choosing.

How much do I have to spend?

No one will know how much you actually spent, so you’re free to spend as little or much as you want. The recommended maximum is $25 before shipping, but whatever you feel comfortable with spending is most important.

Will I have to ship internationally?

Possibly! By signing up for the gift exchange, you’re agreeing to send a gift to someone. We have active members across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia (possibly other locations, for all I know). International shipping will obviously be more expensive than domestic no matter where you are, but it isn’t required that you ship anything EMS/Priority.

What happens if I don’t get my gift?

Anyone that hasn’t received a gift by 1 January 2022 is free to contact me and I will hand over the user name of the person that was supposed to send you a gift. At that point, you’re free to contact them or blast them on the thread. Let’s keep in mind, though, that we’re not talking about thousands of dollars/euros/pounds, but rather €/$/£20-30. IMPORTANT: If there’s no resolution by 15 January 2022, you will receive a gift card to Amazon .com/.de/.co.uk/etc. and the matter will be closed. The person that had your name will simply be barred from future drawings.

What if I live in a sartorial wasteland and can’t find anything before December?

As a last minute gift, you can always have gift cards sent from Amazon, eBay, etc. Additionally, you can buy something online and have it sent directly to your member.

What if I don’t want/need a gift?

That’s no problem. Choose your favorite charity that accepts online donations and direct your person to donate $25.

Can I make a list of what I want/don’t want?

Yes! The online gift exchange has a dedicated spot for adding a wishlist. Make it easier for your partner and fill it out to the best of your ability!

Who will receive my address/information?

There is a place on your Sneaky Santa profile to add the address. If your guy has not added their address, simply use the messaging function.


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Nov 2, 2011
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On the cusp of my 10th SF Birthday, kinda bummed I'm probably not going to hit the 250 shell mark until next year. My apologies to anyone who purchased tickets, there will be no refunds.

Thrifted Shells #232
Hanover LB Sheppard
Thrifted Shells #233
Bostonian Crown Windsor
Thrifted Shells #234
Allen Edmonds Norwich

Polo Ralph Lauren Alligator
Mezlan Crocodile
Mauri Alligator
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Jan 13, 2007
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Especially those Mauri - 11.5 by any chance? :bounce2:

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  • Yes, I’m tacky like that.

  • No way José! Dress watch with leather strap for me!

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