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Feb 28, 2009
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the fork is on backwards

also - hit me up if no one claims, fat tires would do well on fl sugar sand
Hahaha, I know. The stem and handle bar were hanging off the frame when I found it, I just tentatively put them back on for storage at the crib. And I will absolutely let you know. Ill probably strip the brake levers and disk brakes and seat for my bike, as they're better than the ones I currently have on my rig.
Two years ago I was completely done with thrifting. Going to ten stores to find a pair of AE tassel loafers had zero appeal to me. I was pissed off at thrift pricing and jealous of the LA guys who found Tom Ford suits on a Wednesday 10 minutes before closing. Since Covid started the work-from-home trend I've found that what I really like is putting sweat equity into things (furniture, mostly) and taking pride in the process of restoring pieces. And learning how to do this properly. The teak table below is the second I've done in 3 weeks. It was $20 and in dumpster shape and needed everything done to it. The sink is from 1937 and is in the process of curing so I can sand the new epoxy.

I think this is a Majestic lamp. The accents are solid teak, but I need to remove the old finish and repair them.

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Wow, so cool dude! Its very inspiring that you decided to switch up your thrift game to make you interested and happy again. Right on!
Only you could look at that pile and pull out a fucking suede Ferragamo bomber. :laugh:


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Jul 8, 2011
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Nov 10, 2006
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Too bad the chucks are size 17 😳 yeah the pro keds are dead stock (so are the chucks)

I shudder to think what this dude burned
Sounds like most of that guy's stuff was thrown into a dumpster that had left a couple days prior. This was just leftovers that they were going to burn. Ugh.

He sent me to his buddy's place, who apparently had just burned a big box of old Harley shirts the other day. I managed to grab this one that somehow managed to be spared from the flames, so I really hate to think what got burned.


and I picked these up from another mutual friend of these two guys.





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Mar 8, 2011
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Oakleyyy Inmattte have a cult following because they were the sunglasses that Denzel Washington wore in the Booook of Eliii, @HansderHund .
I’ve got a pair but the rubber sleeves on the arms need replacing and they were hard to find last I checked. Jealous of that pair, ha.
I started seeing that movie pop up in a quick search, amazing what a movie can do to a product! These aren't in perfect condition either, but Oakley guys know how to source parts.

@HansderHund great stuff as always. Regarding the Stone Island jeans, you did well finding them with the badge since most of the time that's removed

The badges themselves go for $50+, so you may want to consider selling separate from the jeans if they're too beat up
These are pretty rough, but the patch and the reflective areas convinced me to grab them. The green thread badges from the '90s do great!

@HansderHund that Zenith is very collectible becaue of the 28800 movement .
Feel free to send it to me if you draw my name in the exchange .
Great to know, thanks! Maybe if you joined the gift exchange, there'd actually be a chance!



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It's great to see some familiar faces sign up again this year! This is our 10th (!!) year doing an exchange and so far, we have less participation than in previous years. If that's the case, I may retire after this year. I really enjoy it, but it's a fair amount of time investment for a lower than average turnout and, honestly, time is something of which I find myself short these days.

Therefore, if you're on the fence with registering, don't wait for a next time that may not arrive! Likewise, if there's enough participation, we'll keep this train on the tracks.

I'll be getting back to PMs as quickly as I can, but don't worry if you haven't heard from me inside 24 hours.

Here's the post that contains the information:


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