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Jun 29, 2009
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Jul 4, 2014
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Thanks for the valuable information - I guess it's a mix of both but I did want to make some extra pocket change for sure. I've certainly fallen in that trap, I'll try to be more discerning in the future.
The best thing to do would be to use the opportunity and get the things you’ve already bought on eBay and go from there. It’s all good learning. I made exactly the same purchases as you when I was starting out. Even a Grenfell jacket I recall!


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Nov 29, 2010
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This may more properly belong on the eBay thread, but . . . Re Chairish: I just sold my first two items on there, and did pretty well. Took 2-3 months, and one markdown. As @330CK says, just as you do with eBay's completed items or Terapeak, you need to dig into their Pink Book pricing guide, that shows actual sold prices. So yes, it's about a 30% haircut off what you're asking, but still far better money than all the lowballers on the 'Bay. My sales were two Ingmar Relling Siesta chairs for $1450 (pd $300) and a vintage arc lamp for $1000 (pd $25), so I was happy enough with those outcomes. Beware, though: Chairish takes 30% off the top for commission. Ouch. That said, it's just a matter of the right product for the right market. Some more "regular" furniture, or items that are difficult/prohibitively costly to ship, I put on CL or OfferUp, and I do fine there. Fancier/rarer stuff does pretty well on Chairish, because that's where those kinds of buyers seem to look. I also offer a pretty aggressive free local delivery option (anywhere in AZ/SoCal/SoNV), as it's nothing for me to make the drive if I'm making a sale, and I usually couple it with estate sales or auctions in the delivery area, so it works out.

I am doing a LOT more furniture these days, and it's been very good, but the cadence of the hunt is really quite different. Not just because a lot of my stuff comes from estates/auctions, but if you are trying to do furniture via thrift, you have to hit many more thrift stores, and for much less time in each store. It takes 3-4 minutes to arrive at a thrift, run in, check the furniture and head back out (unless there's a purchase). Not so with clothing and other stuff. But it's fair to say that my priorities are shifting considerably, as primo clothing merch is progressively harder to find in thrifts (with few exceptions), so most of my resale clothing comes from estates, auctions or consignment stores where it's at least somewhat pre-curated. At thrifts, I just do eyewear, furniture, shoes, CM, workwear and random hardware. I've given up on shirts etc, as the resale just isn't there for the time spent. Just my 2¢.

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