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    A thread to include pictures and stories about your sartorial holiday experiences. Got that favorite sweater you just can't get rid of? Time to pull out the heavy parka? That certain pair of shoes you don only for special occasions? Let's share our favorite holiday pieces and revel in this wonderful time of year:


    I always love finally pulling out the Fair Isle after Thanksgiving. I bought this sweater on a whim a few years ago, yet find myself reaching for it more and more when the weather and season at last deem it appropriate. Basic, grey fair isle and white OCBD, but I feel sharp and the cut is slim. Currently pairing it my pair of contest Momotaro 702s and a pair of Alden #8 Captoe Boots. Running out to do some casual Black Friday shopping with my wife and her family.

    I remember my great-grandfather always wore fair-isle patterns during this time of year when I was young. I distinctly remember sitting with him during family gatherings for Christmas eve, and he reading an extremely old copy of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." I would curl up under his arm and watch the fire glow while I listened to him read the story. He'd give me the same "grandpa-hug" every time. He had a thick Polish accent and would tell us about Christmases growing up in Europe near the turn of the 20th century, sometimes stories during the war, sometimes stories during more peaceful seasons. Always that Fair Isle sweater though, and a deep smell of pine and cinnamon.

    I loved that man. I honestly don't remember much else about him, but do remember that he was a genuinely good man. And I always feel inclined to think about him and my family's history when I reach for Fair Isle and feel even the slightest bit tied back to the Old World.

    Anyways - Happy Holidays to all. Let's hear what pieces make this season special to you.

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