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The official CELINE thread


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Feb 27, 2021
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My collection is small. I've got the SL chelsea 30 in light tobacco and the zip 40 in land. I find the zip boots easier to get on and off than the chelseas.

I plan one expanding my boot collection primarily with more SL.

- Jodhpurs in suede. FarFetch still has black, but not totally sure yet if I want black. Otherwise the tan that's available is the same as my chelseas so not sure what I'll do here.
- Harness in suede. Not sure I like the nappier nut suede on the YSL site, but other retailers seem to have different versions.
- Harness in black leather. This might be next if I don't do the suede instead.
- Zip in black leather. Planning on getting these for when my girlfriend and I get married in the next 2-3 years.

I'd say that would complete my SL collection barring other cool colorways. I've always wanted grey suede so that could tempt me.

I might throw in Docs or something else to use as beaters, but tbd.

I'm occasionally tempted by chukkas, primarily the ones used in the Bond films, but they don't have the same vibe as sleek, laceless boots.

And finally, to tie this back to the Celine thread, if I was to get a pair from them, I'd want the Camargues from a few seasons back when they were simpler.


Jul 16, 2017
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Like SirGrotius, I also invested most of my money into outerwear so my footwear collection is quite small. At the moment it's just:

30mm black suede chelseas
Black leather harness boots
Nut suede harness boots
FW15 french 85 chelseas
Celine FW19 rangers
+ a pair of Celine monkstraps and creepers

Hoping to potentially add some more boots from Celine in the future. Perhaps the Berlin cavalry boots or the jacno chelsea/sidezip


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May 23, 2020
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I have two black Docs, Margiela tabi chelseas in black, a pair of black SL Cesna’s, a pair of black Common Projects combat boots and a pair of dark brown Dries Van Noten

I want a pair of Ann Demeulmeester & these Kim Jones is wearing here which I assume are Dior but can’t seem to find
The ones Kim is wearing are Dior rubber rain boots from SS20 I believe


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Oct 11, 2020
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Which pair from Ann D? I've been eyeing getting an army boot recently, specifically either these Ann D lace ups or the Celine ranger boots but haven't been able to decide which one. The toe box of the Ann D pair seem a bit bulkier, so I've been leaning towards the Celine right now. But I think I might still like the appearance of the leather on the Ann D pair.

My personal boot collection is not as expansive compared to others. I've focused mainly on building up the essentials in my wardrobe with shirts, knitwear, and trousers the past few years and didn't have the fortune to be able to collect when Hedi was at Saint Laurent. I just have:

Common Projects black leather chelsea with a leather sole (used as beaters, somewhat similar silhouette to Celine's drug store chelseas)
Celine black leather camargue with chain harness (for date night out, dancing in clubs)
Balenciaga ribbed bikers (for when I want to wear a more eclectic outfit)

Recently realized I probably overspent on knitwear during the pandemic and might need to resell some things to instead pick up the 60mm Celine Jacnos or some Celine Jodhpurs. Maybe a tan or white boot for summer as well.
looking to acquire the traditional combar Ann D’s - a modern classic if you ask me


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Oct 11, 2020
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aight here we go...

season specified where I think it makes an important difference

leather (all black)

vanson x junya for cdg: perfecto // got it for super cheap in p rough shape - I use(d to use) it for shows but I think a visit to leather spa could probably bring it back to life - very thick & sturdy // got it bc I wanted to be just like Rei Kawakubo ha

acne nate jacket // napa leather somewhat oversized perfecto - the proportions somehow make it more formal so I can wear to work with a nice pair of trousers & a sweater & shirt - I really love it - I think Acne is very good quality for a very good price especially with their leather jackets / I also love their jeans // never wear the belt to the jacket - too much / very cool & highly recommended!

undercover rider // my everyday one - I love undercover & I think they’re especially good with outerwear - somehow Uc is overrated & underrated at the same time in my mind... haven’t found a lot of crossover from the sl / celine / dior fans with them which I find odd - maybe too “juvenile” for them? funny if that is the reason // has a p dope burgundy lining

alexander mcqueen // the one they seem to make every year - a less structured take on the perfecto - super soft leather but more grainy too? these characteristics make it perfect for formal wear too & the red quilting is a nice touch makes it warm-ish & very goth / dramatic (which I am a fan of)

sl l17 (2014) - we all know what this is - my baby & one of my favorite pieces all around - I will wear this one til the day I die bury me in it etc

rick owens stooges - dope jacket but I never reach out for it so thinking of getting rid of it - one of the more wearable rick pieces imo - love the super long sleeves

acne bomber - also got used for pretty cheap & while beat down still in good enough shape makes me look like the cool nerdy professor - you know how I feel about acne - has a cool navy corduroy inside collar which is a nice touch

the exception to the all black is a dark-ish brown Louis Wong / APC suede jacket - really high quality beautiful suede traditional almost bomber-like yet not cropped - I think that this was supposed to be apc’s luxury leather line but it seems they don’t make them anymore... they were truly stunning sober jackets - I guess apc is seen as more pedestrian & people don’t want to shell out $$$ for something that doesn’t give them ig points or fashion cred or whatever but their loss these were lovely


margiela (galliano) bleached blue denim - 80’s cut probably my fav denim jacket it almost looks white but retains enough blue to make it unique - wore it a lot during the spring / summer nights

margiela (galliano) black deconstructed - not as avant garde as you would think I can wear it to work loose fit

apc quilted with faux shearling collar - raw denim padded very nice very warm - not a huge fan of raw denim but I’m cool owning one thing

acne oversized - ridiculously large but I like to wear it sometimes if I’m wearing an oversized sweatshirt or something - when I want to be one of the cool tik tok kids

acne light blue skinny jacket - very cool & my fav until the margiela appeared - great cut


helmut lang bondage cotton from 2001 - another of my crown jewels - decent shape not too expensive & helmut era obviously - helmut is a top 3 designed for me

recent helmut in oxblood - super warm for such a light jacket - not bad at all considering how mediocre helmut the brand became after the man left & the color is sick

rick owens - black polyester or nylon or whatever - v cool dig the super long narrow sleeves

jil sander navy bomber (gabardine maybe?) - fits me very oversized but the construction is beautiful & so well made it looks like it’s on purpose haha - also no one does navy better than Jil amazing amazing color

raf simons - polyester oversized black - I love raf so there - it’s so cool I can rock it with dress pants shirt & sweater & everyone thinks it’s dope even at work

Haider velvet in burgundy - typically not my style but this thing is a masterpiece - can be elegant if you use it with dress pants (my preference) instead of skinny jeans & a T which looks kinda ridiculous IMO


apc camel coat - classic & fits me perfectly

apc hounds tooth rain coat - same as above altho the fit is slightly looser

jil sander - classic navy coat - probably the best most classic coat - again amazing navy color

undercover / blue (almost deep purple (ha) to me very nice) peacoat with the infamous joy division lining - love this one it’s from 99 or 01 I think? wish it was a size larger but I can still pull it off // different zipper configurations which is v cool

ami oversized black checkered coat - this thing is huge - I really wanted an oversized coat & this one delivered - great quality & just so thick & warm


a bunch of SL teddy jackets - sometimes people jump on stupid ugly trends but sometimes trends exist for a reason - such is the case with the teddys they just make anyone look good cool & effortless ... I think the mania for them has subsided & you will not see them more or less than any “popular” expensive jacker out there... my tip is wear them in unexpected ways to avoid looking flavor of the month (e.g. avoid any look mark fucking ronson or one direction members would think is a good look like the all black with skinny jeans & the black with white teddy) instead go for something like light blue jeans white tee sneakers & the black with white or black dress pants, grey or white with black knit polo & the all black teddy

sl je taime chord bomber jacket in royal blue - lovely color & fit - really digging royal blue this year / autumn

bode senior chord - hand painted etc google this shit it is beautiful

I might be missing something but that’s it for now


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Jun 29, 2021
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Oh, duh. Now that you say that it's quite obvious what look it was from to me lol.

I've been looking at Raf's take on Americana a lot recently so thought it was one of the graphics or Andy Warhol printed pieces.


New Member
Oct 8, 2021
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hey guys! I've been a long time reader of this forum but finally decided to create an account.

and I happened to have just pulled the trigger on the Celine Camargue Biker that I was lusting on for months. Truly gorgeous in person!


GG Allin

Distinguished Member
Apr 5, 2012
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undercover rider // my everyday one - I love undercover & I think they’re especially good with outerwear - somehow Uc is overrated & underrated at the same time in my mind... haven’t found a lot of crossover from the sl / celine / dior fans with them which I find odd - maybe too “juvenile” for them? funny if that is the reason // has a p dope burgundy lining
I really like his leather jackets, however on a lot of them there's some detailing that ruins it for me (for instance, some written slogan). Plus, like a few of the guys here, I'm a bit of a brand whore, and have an irrational fear of not wearing something by Hedi slimane or, less frequently, some adjacent designer.

I came very close to buying one of those a clockwork orange t-shirts a few years ago, but it was mainly a nostalgia thing for me, as I was obsessed with that film when I was a teenager. Plus, I wasn't sure I'd ever wear it. A lot of his t-shirt designs are really fucking good though

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