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Senior Member
Mar 12, 2016
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Dear All,

A shameless repost of my sizing questions and the answers I got on the other thread.
I figured out that this might be a better place to ask them.

Currently, I own one pair of Carmina shoes on the Forest last in size 8.5 UK. These shoes fit me very well from heel to ball.
However, the toe box tapers in way too early for my feet. My toes are squeezed together so badly that I can only walk for a couple of minutes in these shoes before my feet start to cramp.

Therefore, I am looking for a last that fits similarly to Forest from heel to ball, but provides far more toe space.
To be more exact, I am not necessarily looking for a last:
- that is higher in the toe box;
- that is wider at the ball;
- that is significantly higher volume in the toe box.
Rather, I am looking for a last that tapers in later and, preferably, is also more asymetrical (more width/straighter on the big toe side).

I have made extensive use of the last comparison tool, but I am aware of the loss of information that occurs when projecting the 3D last shape on a 2D plane.
Nevertheless, by combining the projections from the last comparison tool with the information in this thread and the other sizing thread, I came to the conclusion that Oscar and Soller are probably my best bets.
Oscar appears to fit pretty similarly to Forest from heel to ball, but I'm afraid that its toebox is still too tapered for me.
On paper, Soller appears to offer the most toe space of all Carmina lasts, but at the expense of a (far?) bigger heel and instep.

Do you think that any of these lasts (or any other Carmina last) could work for me? Or am I better off looking elsewhere?

For your reference: I did not yet encounter a RTW last that fits me well.
TLB Mallorca's Howard last in 8.5 UK is the closest I got. This last is a bit too big in the heel and instep, and still too tight in the toes, but works quite well for me with non-captoe shoes in a soft leather and the usage of a tongue pad.
I did not try anything yet above Carmina's price level.

Thank you for the advice.
You mention that Llubi might have a lower instep; this is somewhat surprising to me because I've seen many people mention that Llubi has a high instep and is the roomiest of all Carmina's lasts.
When you mention instep, do you consider purely the height under the vamp or rather the total volume under the vamp?

And to be honest, I don't find Llubi to be a particularly attractive last. It's perfectly fine in top-down view, but this small up-turn at the very tip doesn't appeal to me at all. Then again, I do have the same issue with my TLB Howards and it doesn't really bother me when they are on my feet. So it is something I am willing to overlook to obtain a proper fit.

Thank you for the advice.
Rain will not work for me: the heel and instep are too big and the toebox is too narrow.

With thick socks (I want to order a boot), I can/should size up to 9 UK on the Forest last.
I imagine that this will be similar for the Oscar last, but will not apply to Soller. What would provide me with the most toe space: Oscar in 9 UK or Soller in 8.5 UK?

I have read somewhere on this forum that Oscar provides a bit more big toe room than Soller, whereas Soller provides more room for the pinky toe. This is something that definitely biases me towards Oscar but I would gladly hear your opinion on this.

Thank you for your advice.
I have only tried Oscar and Soller in same size so can't speak directly to the comparison, but the way the two lasts fit me is similar enough that I think Oscar in half size larger will certainly be roomier overall. YMMV of course


Senior Member
Dec 5, 2016
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Great, thank you! I will go for Oscar 9 UK.
I have that same issue. My toes make up the widest part of my foot. Also I have low instep borrow waist of foot. 🦶 <- this is how my foot looks like an emoji

I wonder if llubi is better for me than Oscar due to ? tighter lacing ?

Please post your experience once Oscar arrives.


New Member
Mar 23, 2024
Reaction score
Hi folks,

Looking for some hints on the Forest last please. I've narrowed down to a 7 or a 7.5 UK size. Both would be a reasonable good fit around the ball of my foot. For the width, I think EEE would be ~4mm wider than the default?

My concern with the 7 is I'll only have ~17mm clearance to the end inside the toe cap. Could anyone advise how much clearance they have, does 17mm seem pretty tight?



Apr 16, 2024
Reaction score
I want to know if I'm a fool for looking at a UK8 Carmina Uetam on sale.

I'm struggling to make sense of my shoe size ordering online and some of the brands I have tried on are too niche for last sizing threads. There aren't brannock devices in my bit of the world but my foot sole length is around 28cm.

I wear:

Tricker's W2298 (James Loafer): says UK7.5 but seller says was supposed to be UK8.5. Fits okay width wise, but the tiniest bit too short.

Magnanni Deerskin Oxfords US 9.5: Took forever to break in, fits like a glove at first but fatigue throughout day.

Stemar Chelsea Boot EU7.5, US 8.5: Tight in the toebox but no heel slip.

Nike Cortez US9.5: Fits well, would love a pinch more toebox room, but wonder if this is as good as it gets.

Adidas Gazelle US10: Ever so slightly large

Things that I've tried:

Loake Chelsea (non 1880) UK9: too large

Clark's Desert Boot US9.5: Too Large

Sid Mashburn (Spain) Chukka US 9.5: Painful heel slippage (large), tight toebox.

Sutor Mantellassi Loafer UK8: Too small

Church's Chukka bookbinder (Ryder?) UK8.5: Too Large

Dunhill Penny Loafer (Italy) UK8: Too small

Mr P Lucien Suede Derby UK8.5, EU42.5: Too Large Again!

Bally Scavone Chelsea UK7.5 EU 41.5: Perfect, too expensive

Can anyone weigh in on what kind of size I should be looking at?

I'm also wondering if I'm really UK 7.5 in Tricker's, or UK8.
Last edited:


Active Member
Jan 25, 2022
Reaction score
Hi everyone!

also wanted to use this perfect example of swarm intelligence to see whether Carmina might have something for me.

On a brannock device, I'm a 10 B.

My feet are "spade"-shaped, at least according to Moulded Shoes, selling the Alden Modified Last - I need space in the toe area, room above the toes (esp. the big toe), have a low instep, and narrow heel.

Here in Europa, I'm pretty much screwed as most brands only offer D-E widths and recommend going down in size to account for it. However, this often puts additional pressure on my toes and doesn't work.

While working in the US, I got an AE Park Avenue in 10.5 C and this is the best fitting dress shoe I've found RTW so far.

Sooo, anyone here got any idea whether Carmina have a last that might work for me?

Thank you!


Senior Member
Sep 11, 2009
Reaction score
If I'm a 11UK in Meermin's loafers, am I the same in Forest?
About to buy first pair of Forest's and looking for a comparison. Thanks all!

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