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The Official Alden Thread for 2022 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.


The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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Grant Last, Country Calf View attachment 1735245
Au, those Cap Toe Boots are looking truly superb! Love the combo of the plain and simple design with the complex grain pattern!

TC, your wingtip boots are looking superb!

When life was normal, I was wearing dress shoes 5 out of 7 days for my work. So even though I live in Canada where winter exists for almost 8 months, I own more dress shoes than casual shoes or even boots.
But since working from home, I've turned more to boots as my outings are usually brief. Of course I realized I needed to add the Alden Indy to my collection.
Thanks to Jim Pietryka, I was able to properly size 8eee (I'm 8.5eee on Brannock) in a pair of 403 in #8. I then gambled on a pair of 405 in 8.5E, as they were an amazing price. Both fit, with the 8eee the better fit for my feet.
Every time I put either pair on, I will think of Jim and cherish the friendship I had with him. He always made time to answer questions, and always had time to chat. I was making plans to visit him at his store, but then Covid hit.

View attachment 1735277 View attachment 1735277
Beautiful story and great Indy Boots!

JG, those Cigar PTBs are looking just superb!

Loden in low light, courtesy of Ealdwine.
View attachment 1735595
TC, those are looking great and a great tribute!

Just recently got a new phone with the best camera I’ve ever had but darn if I can snap a good photo with it!

Coincidentally I wore my Ealdwine boots this past weekend before we got the dark news.

Monday cigar goodies and then given the very sad news about our friend, @jpm1 I wore the Savvy/Harvard wings from Ealdwine to honor our friendship and Jim’s creativity.

While I never got to meet Jim in person, we had many conversations regarding shoes, life, politics, and just general banter over the phone. I am thankful to have known him and have certainly learned a lot from him over the past few years.

A wonderful Irish blessing describes my feelings better than I can write and a prayer for peace for Jim:

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
The rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand

View attachment 1735645 View attachment 1735646 View attachment 1735647 View attachment 1735648 View attachment 1735649 View attachment 1735650 View attachment 1735651 View attachment 1735652
TC, a lovely tribute to a great person! Those are three fantastic shoes and you always wear them tremendously well!

It is wingtip Wednesday. For some reason I believe suede "looks" warmer than calf or shell. I am sure it will help fight the cold.

View attachment 1735751
Doc, those Navy Suede Gunboats are looking just superb on you! Great looking shoes!

Wingtip Wednesday Ealdwine Humus Suede boots. On a different note, is any one else getting annoying pop ups from bogus sites on SF this morning? View attachment 1735821
AuDog, those Wingtip Boots are looking truly superb and a great model from a great shop!!!

Don, those are truly classic and you are wearing them exceedingly well as always!

Will be missing you Jim.. my father’s name..

View attachment 1735884
Chippy, a great looking tassel!

Cigar Minitankers on the Barrie.

H. Stockton. These are really starting to grow on me and I'm thinking if I should wear them soon.
Those are looking great and I look forward to seeing you enjoy them on your feet!

I dusted off my Ravello Wingtip boots (though not as well as I thought...) to wear today in honor of Jim, who I blame...er is responsible for my having the chance to own them.

From now on, these will be called my Jim Boots.

He was a Grail of a guy.
M635Guy, those are an amazing looking Ravello WT Boots. Amazing that Jim helped you to get these!

OldTown, I am really hoping to make it, but I don't think that I am going to be able to...

Celebrating a belated birthday dinner with my brother. Took this as a chance to cheat on my diet and went to a comfort food of mine...
View attachment 1736082

Wingtip Wednesday in my Ravello WTBs. These are so comfortable with the double Waterlock soles!
View attachment 1736084
Noticed a more stubborn "bloom" that almost appears as a discoloration that isn't easily removed with a horsehair brush or adding any VSC or Renovateur. Curious if I should hit it with Renomat. I'll try to snap some photos later tonight.
HH, I hope that you had an amazing belated birthday! Those Brassvello WT Boots are looking just amazing on you!

My 1st pair from Alden Madison

View attachment 1736288
John, those Unlined #8's are looking great and look like they have enjoyed several years of good love!!!



The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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Feels good to be back in Aldens after 2+ months nursing a broken toe\surgery.

AoM Snuff Suede Dade Indy got the ball for opening day.

View attachment 1736390
Joe, a huge congratulations. What a great model to get started in again! Those are great and it is really nice to see you wearing your Alden's again...

Beautiful shade of Cigar Mayor
Thanks Don, sometimes you just get lucky!

Don, those Tassels are just superb. Love those, such a great design!



The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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Last one of "The Cabarrus" Loden Suede, courtesy of Ealdwine. Tanker Thursday.
View attachment 1736298
TC, those boots are looking even sweeter with better light! The Brass pops so nicely!

Galileo, those are threegreat different models, but those #8 with Brass is just the King of them all, I love that model and am inspired every time I see them to do the same!

DV, those are quite simply a win. Great job today!!!

Just felt like a wingtip Thursday, with cords..Ealdwine, Mayor's Choice View attachment 1736334
AuDog, you are wearing them tremendously well! Thanks for sporting them and supporting Ealdwine!!!



Distinguished Member
Jul 5, 2013
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Feels good to be back in Aldens after 2+ months nursing a broken toe\surgery.

AoM Snuff Suede Dade Indy got the ball for opening day.

View attachment 1736390
Dang Saz, that sucks. Happy to hear you are on the mend.

Hard to believe (but isn’t everything in this C19 era in which we exist) but I’ve had these grails for well over a year and this is their maiden voyage. Also went away from Selvedge as sometimesyou just feel like basic Levi’s……..


I had almost forgotten just how much easier taking a pi*s is with a zipper. Life’s simple pleasures.

Happy Friday eve Gents…..


Senior Member
Sep 28, 2019
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Can't you just use water and elbow grease to strip it?
I've seen Steve from Bedos in his YouTube videos using a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol to spray with a spray bottle the leather. Maybe that's what this person is spraying on the leather?

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