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The Official Alden Thread for 2021 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.


The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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Really starting to feel like Spring here today and decided it was a great day to break out the Ravello LHS.

View attachment 1569256
Vocans! Sunday is ALWAYS a good day for a LHS! :) Looking great in your new Ravello's, those are superb! Glad that it is finally warm enough for you to wear shorts!

BB unlined 8 LHS for another warm day.
View attachment 1569298
Chippy, loooking good in your Color #8 Unlined LHSes! Looks like you got a bit of a scufff on your right leg, have you teid a deer bone on it yet? :)

I took the BB unlined #8 shell loafers out today, too. It’s still in the thirties here in NYC, but the weather is on the upswing after a week of blustery weather.

View attachment 1569381
Barutanseijin, you are looking superb in those lovely looking Color #8 Unlined Loafers! Those are such a great and lovely model!

30s and sunny out in jersey so went on a quick hike with the fam. Like the simplicity of this these. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

View attachment 1569447
AJ, you are looking good in those Chamois Perf Tip Boots. Nice to see some fading snow in the background there! :)

Loafer kind of evening hereView attachment 1569462
AuDog, those Tassels are spiffy!!! Looking great in your tassels and lovely denim!

Some glamor shots of the new boots. Who else thinks the smell of new shell is intoxicating? 😁
View attachment 1569567View attachment 1569568View attachment 1569569View attachment 1569570
Happy Sunday gents!
AldenShoeMan, you did exceptionally well with those! What a truly remarkable boot that you were able to acquire! I hope that you wear those for many years in good health my friend!

Galileo, those Whiskey Penny's are looking truly superb! A fantastic take on the classic Penny Loafer and I hope that you enjoyed them today!!!

Joe, I do not know how you rolled those, but you did it exceptionally well! Those Cigars are just completely off the hook, dare I say smoking? The composition of the classic Cigar Indy against the Brass Hardware is just exquisite!!!

Cold Monday morning
View attachment 1569765
James, looking great in those truly classy looking U-Tip Saddle Bluchers. Those are a lovely looking shoe and you are wearing them very well!!!



Distinguished Member
May 25, 2015
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It's a boot Tuesday Monday. As @savvysartorial pointed out, I have lost track of the days. Either that, or future smfdoc posted for me today.

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Distinguished Member
Oct 16, 2016
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I have the opposite problem. Narrow lasts like Plaza and AE 1943, both of which fit me beautifully, make my long narrow feet look like x-country skis!
Hahahah, well that's one problem with narrow feet :(

Maiden voyage of Modified last Chromexcel longwings from Moulded Shoe today. These are really, really neat. The Modified last really does have a unique -- and excellent -- fit. This pair of shoes has all kinds of neat little features, too, like the gigantic Thomas heel used on Indy boots, a 270-degree welt, and metal eyelets. I can't wait to wear these into the ground, they are really comfortable and seem like they'll be quite durable!

View attachment 1568232
Agreed 100%! Modified is such a cool last and fits like a GLOVE. I busted mine out today and then saw your post from last week. Great minds!

Did you size Modified same as Barrie/TB or different?
Same size. I feel Modified has a more positive fit than Barrie.

TB has a great heel lock, which Modified does as well. I don't get that same fit on Barrie.

Gentlemen, a truly superb showing here this week. A ton of amazing Alden makeups across the gamut. A number of beautiful Shells, calf’s, and suedes/chamois! Congratulations on the few new pickups this week and on a couple of superb maidens!

Most importantly a huge congratulations to Savvy on his wife’s pregnancy! Possibly a future Alden wearer is in the making!

Thank you, Mike! Pretty big changes coming soon. Need to up my game if I'm going to shod myself and another person in Aldens :)


Distinguished Member
Oct 16, 2016
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I see retirement has been good for you! You've lost track of the day; congrats, you're successfully retired! :cheers:

Sometimes I can't figure out what day of the week it is and I'm a working stiff :puzzled:

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