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The Official Alden Thread for 2019 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.


The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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Grant-lasted Indy boots?! Wow. Those look great. Whose makeup?
Thank you very much Xenos. These were once known as the Joseph Boot and was made by my friends at Alden DC a few years back. They did both Black and Color 8. Alden accidentally left the stitching off the Color 8’s and remade them after a several year schedule slip. I just got the Black due to my Dr. Jones filling my needs for King

Randomness? More like Awesomeness.

Smoke em if you got em. Seegaar's from our good friends at AoC.......View attachment 1254897View attachment 1254898View attachment 1254899
Looking very good Shawn! Nice looking PCTs!

Sounds good to me! I have one laying around...
View attachment 1254902
Cigar LWB, courtesy of the Alden Shop in SF.
Some awesome looking Boats right there.

The faded boot project. About a month in the sun and am plan to leave them out there another month. I am really liking the results thus far.
View attachment 1254917
Matt, I am with the collective here. Those are awesome and look just spectacular. I have been thinking of doing this to one of my pairs of NSTs but keep debating my Chukkas or Boots.

Brogue Clint Boot on a TuesdayView attachment 1254961
Dog, those are great. mazing how much I can like something as simple as Chocolate Suede with a dark edge.

Decided I needed another dose of Ravello today. Went with the chukkas.

View attachment 1255017
Vocans, those Ravello Chukkas are just superb. I am planning to rock my Whiskeys tomorrow.

Sometimes people change our plans for the day, for us. Now taking granddaughter to pumpkin patch. Necessitated a change of clothing and footwear.View attachment 1255018
A nice audible and hope that you had a good time at the patch!

Happy Tuesday forum pals. The #8 PCT chukkas came back up in the rotation. And be careful with sun fading. It can dry out the shell and it may reveal issues that you did not see with the darker color.

View attachment 1255029

View attachment 1255030
Super interesting to see the PCT pattern on a Chukka Boot. Very nice makeup.

Black calf NST for a rainy day
View attachment 1255057
Don, those are just classic and look superb.

Awesome Cigars Matt.

Black shell NSTs on crepe for this Tanker Tuesday

View attachment 1255082
Very cool TAnkers. They look great with the Brass Hardware.

Snuff. Brass. Vibram. I love these

View attachment 1255101
Them Snuff Indy’s are looking just superb. A great pairing with the Brass Hardware.

I can’t get over how comfortable this suede is.
View attachment 1255104
Those are just a great boot. Nice and simple.

Wow, two great pairs of these today! Very nice!

So how do you get that deep cherry like in the pic? That’s what I’d love to get.
Some of this has to do with the older Shell itself.

Had to try my hand at the @AMD500 shot while on the bike ride home. My composition could use some work, but I felt pretty cool doing it. Natty is the greatest, I love these Unionmade tankers more and more.

View attachment 1255142
Hah. Very nice and definitely familiar looking. Hope that no one got hurt making this picture!

Very likely the last day for these, they will get cleaned and bagged for next season. Black Unlined tomorrow as well. Unlined Whiskey Harvard’s already 😴 for next
year. Excited to bring out the lined collection from last year.View attachment 1255160
Awesome Chippy and enjoy them before they hibernate for the winter.

Well those were great before. But amazing now!

Left the phone at home on the counter by mistake, so no granddaughter and pumpkin patch photos, rats!!! Brogue "Army" boots once back home.View attachment 1255212
Looking nice and comfy Dog! Have a great evening!

View attachment 1255213
Well, after 9 years of wear my Indy boots have ripped at the soles. Going to go for a restoration. They are in great shape otherwise.
Awesome to see those with 9 years of stories on them. Alden should get them ready for 9 more with you.

Does Alden of Carmel have an actual store? I'll be down in the area later this month and was hoping to pop in. I didn't see an address on the website.
They no longer have a store presence unfortunately. Adam now operates online only and is based out of Washington State.

Well dang, those look great! A fantastic tanning right there!

Maiden voyage today. The JR sole broke in very quickly. View attachment 1255376
View attachment 1255375View attachment 1255374
Those look just great and glad that they finally made it to foot. Something about the lighting makes those look green.

excellent first order. I love my pair and the time will pass.

View attachment 1255429
Stellar Color 8 NSTs. Those look just beautiful and super clean!



Distinguished Member
Sep 16, 2007
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Does Alden of Carmel have an actual store? I'll be down in the area later this month and was hoping to pop in. I didn't see an address on the website.
Alden of Carmel is actually in Sequim WA (across Puget Sound from Seattle). They have no store.


Senior Member
Feb 23, 2019
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Did my first Alden pre order today. Color 8 NST tanker from brick and mortar. Guess it’s fitting for Tanker Tuesday?
Great choice! I was gonna say that I just did my first Alden pre-order, too, but then I realized that the boots I just put on pre-order with Yenni are actually my second Alden pre-order (my first was my Alden x Leffot Blue Suede NSTs, which actually came in so fast it was almost like an in-stock order: under 3 weeks from pre-order to "your shoes are in")... :-D


Distinguished Member
Apr 4, 2017
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Hey Matt, these are coming along quite nicely.

Are you rotating the boots sun exposure in order to attain a close-to-even color, or perhaps are you covering certain areas that are becoming lighter than others?
I do rotate them sometimes but mostly just let the sun do it’s thing and naturally rotate around them. The Cordovan is naturally darker in areas so they are fading a little slower.


Senior Member
Jun 9, 2017
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I do rotate them sometimes but mostly just let the sun do it’s thing and naturally rotate around them. The Cordovan is naturally darker in areas so they are fading a little slower.
I did a similar thing with my color 8 chukkas and exposed them for a total of around 60 hours or so. What’s your total time right now?

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