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The Official Alden Thread for 2019 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.


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Apr 13, 2012
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Even though I wore these Sunday with white RL chino cargo shorts .. I paired them once again today with the same short in yellow, black unlined LHSes are crazy versatile. Won't be much longer and the Unlined collection gets put away for next year and the Lined collection comes out next.. and BOOTS yea
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Apr 5, 2013
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Morning. Business trip to Munich. Wearing my 403s hard. 20hrs of travel (planes, trains, and automobiles). Today for a recovery day.. No wonder this was the choice of Indiana Jones..
View attachment 1238304
A couple of new to me shoes after adding topys. Tassels looked great before but my cobbler does such a good job of not just adding the topy but rebuilding the sole. The LHS's needed it so I decided to have the splits done as well......

View attachment 1238317

I typically have to clean some polish off the shell afterwards but otherwise he does an incredible job. Here's a family shot that highlights why I love the LHS's even though they have flaws. The color is just incredible.......
View attachment 1238318

And finally, the splits on feet.....

View attachment 1238319

Happy Tuesday gents!
Alden x Epaulet for MCT Tuesday
View attachment 1238387
Does anyone have these shell whole cuts from B&M in either #8 or black? I want to see how they look broken in.

A whole cut looks great new, but I wonder how it ages with the normal shell ripples. I'm considering adding a pair of black shoes to my collection in addition to my 901s. I like the Plaza last and was thinking black shell, so these seemed to be a good option as long as they maintain their style over the years.

View attachment 1238397
4 wears in. There's someone else with a #8 pair, possibly the ones on Aberdeen.
View attachment 1238407
I think they're going to stay looking lovely. I generally have rolls like this, though, so if you typically have lots of rolls on Plaza I'd expect the same.
Also note Yenni nailed it telling me to half down from my laced plaza size. (These are 11EE like my Van/TB/Barrie rather than 11.5EE)

I've had one plaza shoe roll like crazy (thinner shell I assume), which is also a plain toe:
View attachment 1238413
Happy Tanker Tuesday forum pals.

View attachment 1238419
Suede cap toe shoes this morning, sans orthotics so they look a bit largeView attachment 1238462
Not my normal shot, but non-boot Tankers...
Just some beautiful Alden x DC cigars hanging out on an old trunk.
View attachment 1238519
Alden X Leffot spectators today. Still summer-like in South Texas. View attachment 1238568View attachment 1238569
Love these.. maybe thunder storm for my Alpine LHSes.View attachment 1238593
Work was a hot mess so you get Eldrick and I at home with some boots

View attachment 1238631
Alpine grain and bare ankles...heat is back.

View attachment 1238632
Cigar Indys with more RRL.

View attachment 1238644
It does me; 54" has a lot of extra lace. If you have a very large gap, it might get tight.
View attachment 1238664
48:View attachment 1238665
Another tassel Wednesday
View attachment 1238749
Back from factory restoration. Other than some polishing and brushing, Alden didn't do anything to the uppers. They still look like aged cigar. New sock liners, new soles.

My only question is whether or not to get lulu taps before I wear them. My normal wear pattern is toe wear and outer heel, but the toe damage seems to vary by last and maker - some are worse than others. I have them on one pair of EG and they have been a nice addition, although walking on concrete felt a little odd at first.

View attachment 1238895
Hi everyone, my name is Rich and I have an Indy obsession

View attachment 1238901
Today is wingtip Wednesday on this somber anniversary. I find it difficult to accept how much things have changed since that day. I would comment further, but that is not the purpose of the thread. So I will move on to day three of my first boot week.

View attachment 1238969
Pepsi has the account at this office, but a coworker smuggled the good stuff in today.
View attachment 1238968
Just got a delivery from AoM, Chocco Tankers! Pumped about these!View attachment 1239096
Decided the rock the cigar indys today
Trying out some round laces with the rest of the cool kids here... These are from Guarded Goods. A little heavy in the wax but I think I like them.
Some shell and rain today
View attachment 1239149
New Chocco Tankers fit right in.View attachment 1239187
Even though I wore these Sunday with white RL chino cargo shorts .. I paired them once again today with the same short in yellow, black unlined LHSes are crazy versatile. Won't be much longer and the Unlined collection gets put away for next year and the Lined collection comes out next.. and BOOTS yeaView attachment 1239214
Guys, a few phenomenal days here! Looking great all around. A few great new additions and an always awesome Army.



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May 25, 2015
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