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The Official Alden Thread for 2019 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.


The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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How funny, I just took delivery of my Caramel shell cordovan Rancourts this last week as well. Excellent taste sir!View attachment 1222073
Happy Monday forum pals. Congrats to the guys who found a pair at the Union Made sale. Those of us with EEE feet did not bother checking it out.

View attachment 1222228

View attachment 1222229
Knocking around the house today, post fishing this morning (wearing AE boots) and changed into plain, ole' Natty Indy boots. Kind of liking the Raleigh denim for weight and feelView attachment 1222332
Pulled out a speedhook (and ripped the shell) on my beloved color 8 captoes...not sure that this is repairable.View attachment 1222362
First time poster on this thread, since I don't have many Alden shoes. Just wanted to share this split toe modified last pair I recently thrifted (with an identical set in black) during a DC museum stroll. The toe piece replacement was very bad though.

View attachment 1222381View attachment 1222382
Embrace the patina. Natty chrome is the king of chromexcel, similar to color 8 shell. Only gets better with age.
View attachment 1222397
Speaking of well loved boots...
JCrew Indy boots at the lake!

View attachment 1222500
I have found commando to be quite comfortable on shoes and their informality goes well open laced shoes, even if they were cap toes. Cleaned up for tomorrow.

View attachment 1222511
Unlined Whiskey.. would have gone fancy with Spoiler as these are Harvard's by C&J. You have to know if Alden made this Unlined I'd be all over it.. View attachment 1222539
Alpine grain WTB via J.Crew. For some reason today the right boot some is making an awful deep creaking sound in the forefoot like an old rickety door opening every time I take a step.
View attachment 1222666View attachment 1222667
The cigar Indy’s making an appearance today
Tobacco Reverse Chamois WTB today

View attachment 1222738
If I didn’t have what I am wearing today, I would totally go for these above ^^^

View attachment 1222832
More B+M: Unlined Color 8 Dovers:

View attachment 1222906
Brick & Mortar x Alden Snuff Suede Boots
View attachment 1222905
Natty boots again this afternoon. TSM Plain toe.View attachment 1222966
View attachment 1222985
Unionmade Sutter in Blue Suede
I absolutely LOVE black shell tassels. So classic. That look sounds very good to me!

I really love black shell too, although not many guys here have much of it. Criminally underrated.

My hesitation with the black shell LHS is I have the full strap... Different shoes, I know :)

And then there is this baby... Similar to the full strap (already own), but it's such a fun shoe.

View attachment 1223003

I should probably save my shekels and get another shoe besides a black loafer just for the sake of redundancy.

Hope you're healing well!

Nice looking. What last?
View attachment 1223071

I need to offset the cost of the cordovan loafers I picked up from Brooks so I've dropped the price on these size 7.5D longwings (style 975) to $375 shipped if anyone’s interested. Fantastic condition. Only worn for a few months. Thanks gang.
Blue suede red brick sole Indy
View attachment 1223075
Hunting Green Reverse Chamois on Barrie by B+M:

View attachment 1223084
Supper with the family, Need Supply Indy'sView attachment 1223130
Happy Natty NST Wednesday everyone - B&M Natty NST Boot, Barrie, CommandoView attachment 1223481
Alden ravello longwings for wingtip Wednesday. Have a good one gents!
View attachment 1223486
Reverse tobacco chamois on commando :fence:
View attachment 1223498
Good ol' Indy 401 today. View attachment 1223536
AoM Color 8 tanker today

View attachment 1223538
Unconsciously went for Wingtip Wednesday. 975AC.View attachment 1223614
Had the pleasure of making my first visit to an Alden retailer last week. Visited Steve Yoo at Gentlemen's Footwear in San Diego. Living in Idaho doesn't give me any access to local Aldens so it was fun to see an Alden shop in person.

View attachment 1223698
Happy Wednesday! Maiden voyage of my first non-BB Alden, first long wing, first double soles. Thanks Alden Shop SF for helping me figure out I’m a C - fit is perfect. The addiction grows.
View attachment 1223700
Always love new acquisition days. Received my AoC 9Bs from Adam today. Unfortunately probably going to be a couple more weeks before I can wear shell boots again but really excited to work these into the rotation.

View attachment 1223734View attachment 1223736
Is TSM the only retailer that has a color #8 perforated cap-toed boot with an antique edge and leather outsole?

Also, does this boot exist without the medallion?
AOC Color 8 Shell Cordovan Medallion Straight Tip Boot
View attachment 1223735
Just got these for occasional tuxedo wear. View attachment 1223746
Like them also with some casual attire...
Brick+Mortar strikes again! Excellent customer service as always!
View attachment 1223754View attachment 1223755
View attachment 1223827

Leather Soul Vintage Indys, just delivered earlier today. I saw on here that they had a restock a couple months ago so I shot them an email and they had one pair left in my size. Really liking the smooth chamois.
Brogue’s jumper had a 270 degree flat welt, antique, hooks, on double waterloc. Not sure if Mack intends to run again but it’s a great makeup.

View attachment 1223911
Gentlemen, all are looking just superb these past few. So many beautiful samples here!

DiscoV, so glad that you have such good taste. Your Shell Boaters are looking fantastic too bud!

AMD, dude, such a bummer on your hooks. Hope that JSO’s tipper works out well for you and that he has some magic Shell healing skills.

Aaron, glad that you got to swing by and visit Steve. He is a really nice guy. I should pay him a visit again soon. I drove by his shop after taking my dad to Balboa Park, but didn’t want to take him with me.

Hope all have a great evening!



The Mayor of Aldensville
Apr 5, 2013
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Color 8
Cigar (this one looks like color 8 antique too often nowadays)
LoL. I would have to put Whiskey first personally, but I am not the biggest fan of the 990 for some crazy reason.



Distinguished Member
Mar 31, 2009
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LoL. I would have to put Whiskey first personally, but I am not the biggest fan of the 990 for some crazy reason.

I obviously love the whiskey as I own it currently and don’t own the 990, but I had the 990 once and I remember it was so versatile - you could wear it with a suit and with jeans. To me the dark sole is key.

Edit - my cigar comment was specific to the PTBs. Certain cigar models (like the Indy) are among the best Alden offers, but the PTB leaves me a bit cold relative to the color 8 versions. I do like the old Ralph Lauren PTBs though


Distinguished Member
May 25, 2015
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I love seeing the heel stacks with Alden's antique edge, but I'm considering darkening the edges a bit to match the more formal wholecut pattern. Thoughts?
You could just use black, but the welt is still antique. Perhaps just darken them a bit with a darker brown.

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