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The I hate everything Thread. Brands/drycleaners/tailors and more


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Jul 18, 2009
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Here's the I hate every brand and dry cleaner thread, therefore people won't have to make a new one every time there's a problem.

Here's your solution:

Step #1) Always purchase from authorized dealers and sellers, and reputable stores. Utilize your search engine of choice, BBB, yelp, friends and family members etc. to see how they are.

If you purchased an item and there was a defect, relax and breathe. It happens. Contact the establishment you purchased from and explain the problem to them. If you followed step #1(see above) then usually they will attempt to rectify the problem so you are happy.

If you email them, allow ample time for them to respond, the courtesy window is 48 hours. people have days off, may be extremely busy etc. If you do not hear a response after 48 hours, there is a possibility that the email was somehow lost ie accidently deleted, sent to the spam box, perhaps you never clicked the send button on accident, you got the incorrect email address and what not. Make sure you have the correct information then resend your email. Or pick up the phone and call.

Yelling, using all caps, swearing, screaming, crying etc. only delays the process of understanding your problem and arriving at a solution. Don't do it.

If at the end of the day everything is fine and you are ok with doing business with the establishment and or brand- continue to do so.

If you are not happy with your overall experience and choose to not do business with the establishment/company/brand, simply take your business elsewhere where you find someone to fit your needs.

Do not feel the need to rant on online forum or blog.

If your problem resides with services rendered, ie from a tailor, or dry cleaner:

Step #1) Find a reputable establishment for your services. Be it drycleaning or alterations, why spend thousands of dollars on a fine garment only to take it to a butcher.

Using a quick search and you will find ample great places to have your garments drycleaned locally, or if you cannot find one locally, use stublooms ravefabricare, http://www.ravefabricare.com/conveni...l-service.aspx they have a dryclean by mail service.

For a great tailor, you may have to make a longer commute. using the search function will yield a competent tailor in every major city in the US, and countries abroad.

For shoe repair services, check if the company has a refurbishing or recraft program and use that. If not, find a reputable local cobbler. If you cannot find a reputable local cobbler use http://www.bnelsonshoes.com/

If you arrive at an establishment for services always be wary if

a) they cannot communicate effectively with you, whether that means you don't speak the same language or whatnot.
b) they seem to not have qualifications and or knowledge to do the service.
c) extraordinarly low fees charged

Reputable establishments stay in business due so several key factors, 1) they have the knowledge of their craft and don't make too many mistakes, 2) They attempt to fix mistakes when they do make them to ensure their customers are happy.

*note, the low cost establishments mentioned in part c, usually stay in business due to different reasons. They charge less, so the mass majority will go to their establishment. for every customer they lose, there's another cheapskate to replace them with.

Attempting services yourself without proper knowledge is not advised. Whether that be self-medicating, or trying to fix something. More often than not, there's people out there who took years of schooling, apprenticeship, and have a lot of experience in the matter for a reason.

You have the right to walk out of an establishment you do not want to do business with. You can also ask questions, ie you can ask a tailor where they've worked before, how long they've been doing tailoring etc.

Ranting online cannot create magic to revive dead garments, blown up cars etc. If you want to inform fellow peers about your poor experience so they don't suffer the same fate, include the name of the establishment and the location. Pictures as well. We don't know who your personal drycleaner or tailor is. Afterward, follow step #1 to avoid problems.


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Aug 25, 2008
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Well done, sir.


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Sep 7, 2006
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Originally Posted by jefferyd
Well done, sir.

+ 1

Also, take the time to THINK before you accuse a retailer of scamming you, ripping you off, etc.

These are peoples' reputations and livelihoods you're playing with.


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Oct 11, 2009
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I thought the I hate everything thread was the glory days thread?

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