The eksterior of "The Noble Art" house in Oslo

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by J.P. Myhre, Sep 11, 2006.

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    My apologize Gentlemen,
    It s not my meaning to appear as someone I am not, I know it can be misunderstood, but I could not stand the temptation of not showing you the answer to the modern fairy-tale. Anyway, it is a nice picture and it is a nice location in central Oslo dated 1840-60. Once it was a walking-stick and umbrella factory in the neighbourhood, before the Catholic church was build, but long after the oldest church in Oslo was founded, Gamle Aker Church, dated 1100. In between we can find the tombstones of the famous painter Edward Munch and Henrik Wergeland, one of the founders for the national holiday on the 17th. of May. Below, you see a shoe that could have belong to Peter Pan, without the wings, but nevertheless resemblent. One piece of Italian babycalf, elastic on Instep, 12 stitches to the inch. 1/4 rubber on heel. Toe is shaded carefully with a little chestnut brown dye and polished. Enjoy!
    Please, feel free to comment this. I am open for some humour here?



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