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The best furniture factory in Tan Phu District in Ho Chi Minh City


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Aug 2, 2019
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VietHoomee Furniture Workshop Company, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is one of the leading supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City in the field of designing, manufacturing, manufacturing and installing high-class furniture for projects: offices, banks, schools. study, hotel, showroom, resort, ... owning common years of experience in the field of design, installation, construction, low-price furniture, factory furniture that has built a trademark and prestige to own 1 The number of users is super large and does not include water

Lowest furniture factory in Ho Chi Minh City
With a team of young architects, a wide range of creative and professional experiences combined with more than one hundred experienced carpenters and workers plus machinery imported from Europe such as: Germany , Italy, Belgium, Austria ... VietHoomee has gained the acceptance for users from product quality to high aesthetics, always innovating and constantly strong to meet the increasing needs of you in and next to the water.

More information: noi that tan phu

Coming to VietHoomee Furniture in Ho Chi Minh City, you will feel the difference in service methods, high professionalism, friendliness and enthusiasm. Interior workshop is a harmonious experience in various years of construction of high-rise buildings and project management based on the transition and inheritance of the achievements of the cheek enterprise, which Mr. Tran Nhon Tri is the founder. established as the General Director legal representative of the company. VietHoome Furniture provides direct products from VietHoome's furniture factory

VietHoomee Furniture is a business that looks and trades in Ho Chi Minh City, constructing and manufacturing high-class interior products, VietHoomee Furniture always follows the motto of serving the highest quality products and services for customers. line. Not only attentive and thorough in every appearance, the furniture factory has a wide range of years of experience in the field of construction and manufacturing of furniture, with its energy and hot blood. VietHoomee interior design company carries on itself a mission of continuous improvement, creativity, and supply of high quality products such as Sofa, Tea table, Chair, Bed, dining table ... bringing personality and comfort. - Comfortable and luxurious interior space for Vietnamese houses

In this day and age, do you like to go to a carpentry shop? Gone are the days when businesses made the rain make the wind; Gone are the days when showrooms were coming up and gone. With the strength of the notification technology and especially social networks such as Facebook, Zalo ... the furniture factories have more opportunities to reach buyers. Create a level playing field whether you are big or small.

Factory popular furniture, high quality
This is for sure, because going to a carpentry factory directly will always cut many intermediate costs. You have more distributor options. Assess the true capacity of an interior workshop. In addition, going straight to the carpentry workshop also helps you avoid links; between middlemen or construction contractors bearing the workshops they order. You are more secure because you know where your factory is to be monitored; to manage input quality. Having done well from the beginning, the product is beautiful; rather than having to repair the work.

VietHoomee Furniture found that the number of furniture businesses in Ho Chi Minh City is extremely high. Create diversity for users when choosing suppliers. However, the actual capacity of the furniture factory is often weaker than what is displayed in the showroom or transaction office. You must remember that only a small handheld device can close a beautiful wooden door. But with modern machines and large workshops, it produces popular products with exact quantities.

Having said that, possessing the marketing meaning behind the bustling marketing, you should be forced to go directly to the furniture factory. For what purpose, let's see if they make limbs or machine. Do you own peace of mind to hand over a few hundred million furniture packages to a 200-300 m2 workshop with only a sliding table saw and a few homemade Vietnamese or Chinese machines? Although they own extremely large traffic offices, handy links with construction contractors are quite good. But the factory capacity is weak, push goods away, contract ... You will face the risk of progress, quality and morale.

Furniture making is very different from the wood processing industry in terms of machine systems and processes. To test the capacity of an interior workshop; Firstly, you must check the factory premises. Workshop in the inner city or suburb. The factory has a large volume in the inner city ie the factory has strong financial capacity. Help you feel secure when delivering large value packages; but the interior is full of value and never small. The next step is to check the machine system; orders they are making. Furniture machinery has high value; Accurate cutting and less broken are often of European or Japanese origin. Cheaper machines own Taiwan or China. And finally, the woodworking machines made by Vietnam.

Furniture factory that looks after the lowest user
The consultant of VietHoomee Furniture will collect information as well as ideas, requests from customers. Furniture workshop plus buyers meet, advise influence issues and answer any questions so that users can give themselves the smartest decision. After adding customers to discuss directly and get accurate notifications about the offers that buyers provide. VietHoomee Furniture will work with you on ideas and clearly outline aspects of the product according to customer requirements.

After measuring the overall space of your house, VietHoomee Furniture will make a preliminary design of the layout to arrange furniture. Then outline the 3D perspective. From there you can give your own perspectives on your own ideas or needs for the model owner to edit. When the designer and the owner have merged the ideas, then will produce a complete detailed drawing to produce.

Once the complete design profile has been obtained, the quotation of the furniture workshop will produce almost information about the production cost and the completion of the facility. After the two sides agreed on price and workload. VietHoomee Furniture will supply and install interior products for customers. VietHoomee Furniture - Brings an excellent living space for your family.

And finally, the carpenter's skills in the furniture workshops. When talking about the workmanship, it is a bit infinite; Because on the outside, just follow the drawings. Large furniture carpentry workshops are often closed by process; according to the stage of the machine. Doing so, even the female workers, they just stand at a machine position and make a familiar process. Only bring small and medium carpentry workshop, it depends on the worker very much. Small workshop, rudimentary carpenter machine very lazy to make because of exhaustion; Bleeding bubbles are common. Therefore, small carpentry workshops often lack serious labor.

Information VietHoomee furniture shop
VietHoomee Furniture offers you the convenience and luxury at the most affordable price. We manufacture furniture products such as cabinets, shelves, sofas, beds, tables and chairs ... Besides, we also receive interior design services for package.

Website: https://www.noithatviethoomee.com

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