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'Taking in' pants, from 31-29 is okay?


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Aug 16, 2006
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Hi guys,

I saw a zara suit on sale today and unfortunately the waist of the pants are MUCH to big. I am a natural 29 waist and of course their European style tends to be a bit slimmer but it was ENORMOUS on me.

I am not sure if 2" is enough it maybe more, I already scowred the forums and have read that 2" is the MAX.

But, I dont know what to look for in terms of if the pockets/butt/crotch will look odd when they have been taking in.

Are there any tips/hints/tricks/tests that I should do before I buy the suit as it is FINAL SALE!

Thanks guys!


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Jan 5, 2008
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You can take a heavy duty clothes pin into the dressing room and pin the pants in the center of the back to see how they will look when taken-in.

I have a pair of suit trousers that were taken in at about 2", in any case it's the max. Any further and they would be "off". In my limited experience, it's less about the closeness of the pockets in the back, but what happens up front.

As you pull the seat in in back, the pockets move out, which can lead to the pocket openings gaping around your hips, with the dreaded "elephant ear" effect. If the pants are pleated, the pleats can also pull out as the fabric is pulled around to the back; or if flat-front, they can pull away from the zipper near the wait, giving horizontal ripples.

Also, think about the crease in the front of the pant leg. If you pull the top part of the crease, near the waist. around towards the sides of your hips, then the crease could become less vertical and more at an angle.

Give it a test and be honest with yourself. If you have reservations about the way it looks, take a pass. If you buy the suit and have second thoughts, you'll notice those things you didn't like every time you think about wearing the suit. No matter what kinda deal you might be getting on it.

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