Tailor Messed Up Jacket, Any Hope?

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by dusty01, May 3, 2016.

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    So I recently moved to a new city, so I needed to find a new tailor. I had a jacket that needed to have the sleeves shortened up a bit, so I decided to try out one I had found through a google search. He had multiple 4 star+ reviews and the shop seemed nice, however the end result is nothing short of horrible. Instead of being a half inch of cuff showing, like he marked during my first visit, there is now 1.5 inches of cuff showing. Also the unfinished sleeve is like, pinned inside the sleeve. It is still unfinished but the end of it is sewn inside the end of the sleeve. This isn't very noticeable unless you are looking for it.

    I am just concerned with my sleeve length, there is no fabric inside the sleeves to let them out, and it shows the button of my barrel cuffs when my arm is at my side. I had the idea of maybe wearing a french cuff shirt with some cuff links so it looks a bit more deliberate. But is there anything I can do, or is this jacket ruined forever?

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    Hi. First of all, sorry. Botched alterations are always terrible.

    Second, I am moving this to menswear advice, where this can get a little more visibility and hopefully, some answers for you.



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    Did you just say "thank you", pay and walk out, or what?

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    Unfortunately, if there is no fabric to let out, you're pretty much screwed...but what was brought up should be under the lining. I would bring it back to the guy and see what he has to say. I definitely wouldn't just let it be with him.
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    Am a bit skeptical of the information you have posted.

    First thing is not to judge the jacket sleeve length by how much shirt is showing because shirt sleeve length can vary shirt to shirt or even by how snug the cuffs fit your wrists. Judge the jacket sleeve length by where it hits on your wrist. The joint of your thumb and wrist is about normal for the sleeve length.

    To hem the sleeve you have to have to have cloth to turn up into the hem of the sleeve. If the tailor shortened the sleeves there would be more cloth in the turned up hem than before they were shortened. It is not likely that enough cloth was cut off to make lengthening a problem. Don't go by what you see, there is more cloth under the lining.

    Have you consulted the person that did the work? Did they say the sleeves cannot be made longer?

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    You should post a picture. If it's pinned in the inside, the work might not have been completed. If it was done, it is hard to say if it can be undone, since we can't know if they cut the excess.

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