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Synthetic fabric suits for summer?


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Mar 11, 2006
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I see that Joseph A Bank has this "Stays Cool" suit "on sale" for $118.

The description says that
"This suit features an innovative fabric developed by NASA to keep you feeling cool and comfortable in any climate. With a lining made of Smart Fabric TechnologyÂ
by Out last, it balances temperature and releases excess heat."
I'm sure many people here will say something about the suit being poorly made and fit like a burlap sack. I have no idea if this is true or not since I have no experience with this company's garments. So let's just assume you're right, and we'll just skip ahead and overlook this fact since this is not really what I'm curious to discuss.

Other people will comment about the suit not being made of wool means it is ****** quality. However, living in an area that is generally hotter than it is cold, maybe wool isn't always that comfortable. Grandiosity of claims about "feeling cool and comfortable in any climate" aside, let's assume that there's at least a little truth to their claims and that the fabric used does make at least a slight difference in improving comfort in hot weather, especially compared to wool.

If the synthetic fabric in this suit does indeed provide a higher level of comfort in hot weather and the material doesn't look to be obviously synthetic, might it be a worthwhile alternative to other suits if you insist on wearing a suit when it is hot outside?


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Feb 11, 2007
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From what you quoted, it's not clear whether the synthetic material is only used in the lining of the suit of the outer would-be-wool shell of the suit is also made of it.

However, let's assume for the sake of argument that the entire jacket is made of this synthetic material. Let's also assume that it does not appear any different from real wool. In that case, all we have to wonder is whether there are any other disadvantages. Here are some possibilities that are often associated with other synthetic materials: (1) the material is not as comfortable as wool, (2) the material is not as easy to clean, (3) the material is not as durable, (4) the material breathes well but conversely fails to insulate sufficiently against cold, (5) the material retains too much moisture, etc.

The benefits of wool do not all pertain to appearance or, in your case, breathability. These other benefits often come into play and show that wool is the better choice. This is not to say that there can't be anything better in a particular situation, or for you in general, but there's a lot more to consider than what you mentioned.

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