Synthetic (Dri Fit) polo shirts?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Omega, Feb 2, 2013.

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    I did not come across them until yesterday and was very surprised. Many synthetic Dri-Fit polo shirts I saw were quite well made – accurate stitch lines, fabric comfortable to touch (not Smedley, but still good) and good silhouette. Plus synthetic materials usually hold better their colour and shape than many natural fabrics after many washing rounds, but cost less. I wonder why not many people use them for a causal wear? In my opinion they look better than Sunspel Riviera.

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    Yes, synthetic, Dri-Fit, micro fibre, polyester has indeed come a long way. They are beginning to manufacture the fabrics to feel more and more like cotton. In fact, I believe Nike has a "Dri-Fit Cotton" collection that advertises a softer cottony feel. Some of the other complaints about synthetics beyond comfort are the fabric's tendency to hold body odor. With cotton garments body odor will wash right out when laundered. You are correct about synthetics holding their shape though. They tend not to wrinkle either when removed from the wash, so it is really easy to care for. Whereas cotton, especially knits will tend to wrinkle and shrink in the wash. Points for that. Synthetics also have a bit of a sheen to it that some folks like. Typical cotton is more flat in appearance, but with certain higher end cottons, especially those that are mercerized, you'll get that bit of luster to it.

    We have developed a couple of fabric technologies for our cotton garments that will give it similar qualities of Dri-Fit but with the comfort and and quality a cotton garment innately has. See image below of how our garments look after 20x washes. Similar to Dri-Fit, color and shape are maintained and it resists wrinkling, pilling and curling of the collar tips.


    Also, we offer similar wicking or moisture management that Dri-Fit offers. That is our shirts will push moisture towards the outside of the fabric while at the same time spreading the moisture out for quicker drying. And of course, any odor will wash right out.

    Hope this was helpful.
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    I gave up on cotton for such shirts years ago. The wicking of the microfibers is great, in active wear they dry so quickly that they often dry while still being worn. I have not encountered the odor problem. But most important: the fiber is so much stronger than cotton that they last forever. About the only reason for cotton is if you want that wrinkled, faded, worn look. It is very preppie, like wearing boat shoes that look to be 5 years post death. Since they are so sturdy, the microfiber shirts will never look like that. Oh, and microfiber can be amazingly cheap.

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