Sweaty armpits...Driclor, amazing!

Discussion in 'Health & Body' started by swirlyclouds, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Jul 23, 2012
    First thread...So a big hello from Sydney, Australia.

    So over the past two years, I haven't exactly looked after my body with the drinking, eating and smoking. Weight gain as well as a complete and utter deterioration in style, friends would attribute this to depression.


    I noticed that my body was beginning to perspire more, especially the armpits and badly too. Topping this embarrassing situation off was the weight gain, about 35kg over two years, shed a few kg to now be in surplus 15kg from my initial healthy weight.

    Back to the sweating. It was bad, it was embarrassing. I would sweat during the most calmest lunches with friends or simply driving to client meetings without a hint of stress in sight.

    It could to the point where I said enough was enough, my girlfriend told me that botox would reduce / stop the sweating. And so I did my research, turns out there's a product called Driclor that comes highly recommended. It's a roll on deodorant and its applied just before sleep. And it has worked wonders. I saw the excessive sweating under normal circumstances completely stop after the initial use. And almost completely stopped the excessive sweating even during light physical activity.

    What I'm really hoping for here is to let all the guys out their know that if your experiencing excessive sweating whilst crunching huge excel spreadsheets, you shouldn't be, and shouldn't have too! I found Driclor at my local chemist for $13. I now no longer only swear black tees and loose fitting shirts. And in fact, I can increase my color range and feel comfortable swearing different fabrics, cuts and hues!

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