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Sweater thread. Is the key to a V-neck sweater just a shirt collar that can stay open? Do you pr


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Dec 25, 2009
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As part of scaling back of my wardrobe to more sharp casual appropriateness,
I plan to do more of the sweater with trousers thing look this winter. Simple yet sharp.

Which is your preferred look? Crew or V-neck?
I personally don't like when there is a lot of collar popping out above the V-neck.
It starts to resemble a plunging neckline showing cleavage.

In photo #3, he is wearing a V-neck, yet there isn't a lot of shirt popping up from the sweater opening.
It looks good. Is this b/c of the shirt or the modest V in the sweater?

Contrast that with the last photo, #7.
It looks terrible. Way too much shirt and collar.

What is causing this? The V? Or the shirt?

Is the key to a V-neck sweater to have a shirt collar that can stay open?
I think this is the difference between #3 and #7.

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Nov 13, 2012
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While some collars stay open better than others, and this is an important factor, I tend to think the guy in #3 has two shirt buttons open, but the lower one is hidden under the sweater.

I prefer a crewneck, anyway.


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Jun 12, 2010
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You should have bought them in the spring when they are on sale. Buying now you will pay top dollar. Uniqlo?

I don't like low sloppy v necks but I don't think any of the Vs on these pics are egregiously bad.

The first two pics are awful. I continue to be bemused by SF's love of shawl collar sweaters. They look way too nerdy or old mannish or something to me. The second pic - a crew neck with a tie always looks too square peg round hole to me. The whole purpose of a v neck is surely to accommodate a tie?


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Jun 9, 2013
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Just buy them on Ebay or something. Sweaters are stretchy so I don't think you really need them to be tailored.

And yea I think they guy in 3 has 2 buttons undone which is why there is far less structure to his shirt and collar, not really a great look for the office. The other guy just has the collar button open and looks far more appropriate for an office environment.

I like the vneck as it shows off a bit more of the shirt and looks good if you decide to wear a tie. Crew looks a bit weird with a tie I think.


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May 8, 2013
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I like #6, by a far amount. I also prefer V-necks, and I pair them with OCBDs. With an OCBD you can button down the collar and don't have any problems with the collar popping out.

Also, J. Crew sweaters are not as expensive as you are suggesting. The cotton-cashmere v-necks are currently $64.50, and this is the non-sale price. If you wait for one of their sales, you can easily get them for ~$20 less, like $45 or so. And there are always many sweaters in their Final Sale section, and are often even listed at 30% off as well. They are very nice for the price.

If even this is too expensive then you can consider J.Crew Factory. Joe, of PutThisOn fame, considers their Merino v-neck to be one of the best values for sweaters. They're regularly priced at ~$40-$50, but, again, if you wait for a sale - which aren't exactly a rare event - they'll be available for $30-$35. I'm assuming this is reasonable enough for you. There's also Uniqlo, as one poster mentioned, and I've also been hearing a lot lately that Banana Republic Tailored Fit sweaters are considered a great fit as well.
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Sep 5, 2011
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I don't have any objection to Reevolving's choice of look, but let's not pretend that a V-neck and an open collar looks 'sharp' - comfortable, casual, relaxed - all of those, yes, but sharp, no. As a look, it's almost the opposite of sharp...


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Jul 23, 2013
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I agree that shawl collars are god awful grandpa-wear.

V-neck sweater and open collar is a lot more sharp than an Ed Hardy T-shirt or a hoodie.

Agreed. Not on the shawls though. Super grandpa. But i'm into that.

I just get my sweaters from thrift stores. My favorite one I have is an argyle v neck from brooks brothers. I prefer v necks but I have a crew that I think looks pretty sharp. My personal style is fairly casual, I'm young and I don't work in an office. I pretty much only wear obdcs under sweaters.

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