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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by faustian bargain, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. faustian bargain

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    Jun 25, 2004
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    with the fall season rapidly approaching, i thought it would be fun to start talking about sweaters. i love 'em. but what do you wear under them successfully?

    the buttondown collar is an obvious choice. is the preferred sweater collar a crewneck, or a v-neck?

    what about non-buttondown collars - does anyone wear them outside the sweater, or do they stay tucked under?

    anyone wear polos with sweaters? thoughts on this look?

    how about t-shirts. is the contrasting t-shirt/v-neck sweater combo too Gap-1990's? or is there a smarter update? is there any kind of jacket one can wear successfully over this combo?

    and what's up with turtlenecks. are they fashion-forward, traditional, or both?

    just some seeds to get a conversation started...talk amongst yourselves.

    /andrew - waiting for winter

  2. VMan

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Button-down shirts are a classic combo with sweaters, very east-coast prepster.

    I usually wear a standard-collar shirt with a slim sweater, and I wear the collar outside the sweater rather than tucked in. I sometimes take a solid color sweater and wear a bold striped shirt under for just a touch of 'show'...also I wear some more conservative striped or checked shirts.

    Polos can be done under the sweater, but this is definitely much more casual than a nice dress shirt underneath.

    The t-shirt under a sweater look is okay, I prefer a collared shirt though. I'd definitely avoid a plain white shirt under a dark collar sweater - looks too much like an undershirt, and VERY reminiscent of mid 90's Gap. Try a bolder color.

    Turtleneck sweaters will always be classic. However, those thicker cotton ones also look mid 90's Gap. The thin black cashmere or wool/cashmere/silk blend turtleneck is a classic staple item...but I still prefer a crewneck or v-neck.

  3. kidkim2

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    Jul 19, 2004
    Burlingame, CA
    I concur with VersaceMan, and would add a vote for buttoning the polo shirt all the way up--at least some of the time. I started doing this when throwing a sportcoat on over the shirt and sweater. Couldn't stand the unruliness of the unbuttoned polo's collar. Moreover, the unbuttoned collar has a tendency to sneak out over the sweater--or, worse yet, lapels--emiting IMHO the too-wholesome scent of "plastic shirt protector."

  4. Andrew V.

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    Aug 25, 2004
    Ohio, United States
    My favorite sweater look is a non-buttdown collar under a v-neck. I used to wear lots of polos, crew-neck t-shirts, and v-neck t-shirts under v-neck sweaters, but I'm not sure that I like that look very much any more (you should have seen my polo with cardigan phase).

    I do wear crew-neck t-shirts under crew-neck sweaters and half-zip-mock sweaters, but that's strictly an un-dressy look for me.

    At the moment I'm hankering after a particular light-blue dress shirt and brown v-neck sweater that I saw on display together.

    Turtlenecks require more attractive necks and chins than mine.

  5. Will

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    Jun 15, 2004
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    Both button down and straight collars under crew neck sweaters work well. BD is neater. Wearing the collar out is less accepted.

    I personally think V neck sweaters demand a tie. I won't wear them. Too hot under a jacket and who wears ties without jackets?

    Turtlenecks and mocs are a nice look if one avoids the U-boat commander look.

    Best under a jacket are sweater vests, again in my opinion. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to find crew necked versions but a single ply crew neck sweater with sleeves may be OK under a jacket if you're not in over heated rooms.


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