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Suitsupply Shirts - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Simone1, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Simone1

    Simone1 Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2016

    I am finally having a Suitsupply store opening in my country - and I checked out pretty much every category of clothing, I love the designs. I can get so many things which usually costs a fortune, but suitsupply created close to a similar design with a way more affordable price for me.

    I have great experiences with their suits, but I am looking into shirts and shoes. I tried to search the forums for reviews, but mostly topics are from 2014 (I assume they have progressed since then, if it were some weak points)

    Purple line shirts are 100 dollars here, red line comes at a price of 130 dollars.

    It's described nicely with egyptian cotton and all, but I guess it also comes down to weight of cotton, doesnt it?

    Sorry for the ignorance. Thanks guys!
  2. Markus W

    Markus W Member

    Apr 16, 2016
    Bavaria, Germany
    Forget the shirts.

    I own a few shirts from 2012/13 and bought some more this year in January. All from the 99 $/€ line. The old shirts are really nice. Very nice collar with a good roll and a handmade shoulder. Fabric fells good and it's good, long lasting quality. It's still wear these shirts.

    My order from January (5 shirts) was the last time i ordered their shirts. The main reason is the collar. It feels cheap, not so soft and more like cardboard. After a few times wearing and washing i got some "dents" on the collar. This is something i have seen only in cheap 30 $ department store shirts. Quality control seems to be poor, too. On one shirt you can clearly see a small hole in the fabric.

    Overall quality got worse. The 2013 shirts were great. I really like their suits and jackets (i own more then 10) and will buy them again in the future. But not their shirts anymore. My last shirt order was disappointing. Which is said because i like the design and fit.

    Next time i try Kamakura.

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