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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by NormP, Apr 18, 2013.

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    I was satiating my new thrifting addiction at lunch today (for which I hold the thrifting finds thread accountable) and found an Oxxford for Neiman Marcus double breasted jacket today. It says "fawnskin" which i assume is some proprietary fabric. I was interested in it strictly for flipping since it wasn't my size, but hesitated because for some reason it gave me the impression of being the top half of a suit.

    A lot of times I can tell when a pin striped or other patterned jacket is simply missing its pants but this one is a solid color and I don't think a guy that buys his clothes at Neiman Marcus would donate only half a suit. And the inside tag says "Onwentsia" but when I google that I read one guy saying its a sport coat and another talking about his onwentsia suit.

    Long story short--from what I've turned up in searches here a blazer is primarily the typical navy or black jacket usually with gold buttons but how do you differentiate between a suit coat and sport coat when it's not painfully obvious? Are there model numbers that certain brands put on the material tags or does it just take a developed eye?

    I have pictures if anyone is interested.
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